Action your abundant Soul Purpose through your business

Tap into your natural buzz, your Jolts that Last, and Scale your Soul.           All while clearing subconscious         weeds holding you back.

   Dr. Elizabeth Celi    

           Psychologist, Psychic, Spiritual Adviser

There comes a point in your entrepreneurial career, and in your life, when you want to do business with meaning. To reap rewards and action your purpose with satisfaction and abundance in your business and day to day living. Truly apply your spiritual psychology strengths in how your build your business and bottom line. Minus the drag of negative karma creating subconscious "weeds" that waste your business efforts.

You have unique Jolts that Last, exclusive to your soul blueprint. Tapping in to these,  day in day out IS what energizes you to Scale your Soul Purpose, and fine tune your business efforts and tune up your bottom line to. 

What blocks and restrictions are holding you back?

As an entrepreneur leading a dynamic business that keeps you on the move, your business is what you love to energize. Akashic Record Readings provide you with the competitive advantage in building your business and profits around your highest purpose. 

Your Foundation Akashic Record reading and Business Energetic Analysis are simple and powerful tools to Scale your Soul with Jolts that Last.

George Siosi SamuelsCommunity Entrepreneur & Founder of the "It Will Come" show

"My Akashic Record reading has been nothing but transformational. During my initial reading, Elizabeth Celi was astute, supportive and empathetic. Over the next 21 days, I saw everything start to flow a lot more clearly and smoothly in my life. Everything that was talked about, and everything I was instructed to do, manifested instantly in my immediate environment. I cannot explain it but, for those who've been through it, you'll know what I'm talking about. I would highly recommend Elizabeth Celi for her work, and believe everyone should get a reading at least once in their life - it's literally life-changing."

I look forward to supporting you to uncover your Soul gifts and spiritual psychology that centers you in the ways and means that truly brings your highest self expression into your entrepreneurial business and lifestyle. 

Yours in Soulful living,

Elizabeth Celi, PhD