Your 3-card spread and guidance – week of 24th April 2017

It’s with pleasure that I share this weeks 3-card spread guidance channeled specifically for entrepreneurs — specifically entrepreneurs serendipitously drawn to this reading — for the week of Monday 24th April 2017.

The overall message for this week’s card spread is — Active transition with kindness. Be fair and kind to where you’ve come from in your work to date. Gracefully let an old element go to create space for your renewing career and/or renewing way of doing your passion and purpose.

Card 1 Career change:

You’ve had a spark to either change your career path or make a substantial change in your approach. Adding another element to energize it or removing/updating an element that has been dragging your business and/or career back. All while you’ve been trying to progress it forward.

Be honest with yourself. What has held you back? Why are you holding on to it still? It’s no longer relevant for who you are NOW. The signs you’ve received, you can trust in them. You can trust in yourself to know that some minor tweaks can go a long way. Lighten the burden of the old from your shoulders. Embrace the renewing space, way or approach that can help you spiral up.

Card 2 Self-acceptance:

This is the key element to support and nurture yourself this week as you do the transition in the way that best applies to you. Quit undermining yourself.

You have years of experience and knowledge. Accept it’s in there, in your mind, and let it evolve into guiding wisdom for you. You have what it takes. Accept that within yourself and consider the productive steps now needed to support your shift. This may be an emotional adjustment, a belief adjustment, both a belief and emotional adjustment, a practical adjustment or all of the above!

With your self-acceptance, discern where the changed actioned needs to be (it’s already come up in your mind!) and simply consider the next small step. Once that step is done, the next one will become clearer. Become comfortable with being in the moment and trusting your intuition. Build the evidence for yourself and keep strengthening your self-acceptance and intuitive guidance.

Card 3 — Self-care and Sentimental Feelings:

Two cards wanted to be seen for this one, so two it is!

These are your empowering allies this week as you do the transition prompting you within. Look after your body and basic nutrition, water, deep breathing and peace. This space helps you nurture your self-acceptance and hear your intuition more clearly. Make a point of it this week in particular, if it’s not an ongoing habit anyhow.

Sentimental feelings are spotlighting an item/object, a past experience or someone from your past popping into your mind. Something about any or all of these is urging you to heal and release whatever angst you are holding on to with respect to it. It’s in the past. Leave it there.

With love, look at what’s it’s taught you. Use that lesson, that insight, that blessing in disguise to your positive use for the messages of cards 1 and 2. Our past is a classroom of wealthy blessings so let these sentimental feelings be an aide to propel you forward. Not an excuse to stay stuck in the past and sabotage you from actively energizing this transition with love, joy and excitement.

You can do it!

Connect with your inner excitement and the fears and worries of this transition/change/tweak with be easier to release. Ask your intuition, and interactions with your Higher Ups if that’s is part of your Way, to help you release those fears and worries and shine more light on your intuitive steps forward.

Go for it!

Here’s to your soulful living,
Elizabeth Celi

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These cards were drawn from the Life Purpose Oracle, Healing with the Angels and Butterfly card decks, respectively. Each drawn after meditation with my spirit council requesting a message of guidance and encouragement for entrepreneurs intended to serendipitously find their way toward this reading. Consider all guidance with the light of your own self contemplation and self responsibility as it applies best for you. The choices are yours now and always.

Elizabeth Celi

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