4-week Spiritual Coaching Plan

Each of your 40 minutes Coaching Consults will support you with a combination of :

Spirit guide team reading
  • psychic readings, divine guidance and intuitive healing to progress your set intention for your Foundation Reading or suppor your 21 day Foundation Reading clearing
  • professional coaching psychology to attend to thinking/feeling transformations

Scheduled once a week for 4 weeks, each consult will be focused on defined objectives and outcomes.

Clients tend use this Spiritual Coaching Plan for two purposes:

  1. A quick and easy but profound way to receive spiritual guidance and intel for a specific intention or goal you have for your life. ​For example, wanting to secure a new business deal, improve matters in your relationship or review your life purpose. We define your intention prior to your 1st consult. 
  2. To support and gain more clarity on their 21 day clearing following their Foundation Soul Reading. 
Karma, choice, consequence, free will, soul, psychic

The 21-day clearing is a customized, unique clearing you receive after your Foundation Reading. It targets the important dissolving of old karma blocks restricting your life so they are cleared from your Akashic Record and make your life more smooth flowing.

 The fact that these blocks and restrictions arose means they are still being perpetuated in choices you are making in this lifetime. Old habits die hard! Especially when they are lifetimes old!

With all the details delivered of your Foundation Soul reading during your online call, I will keep on top of your Soul Profile, your Soul Re-calibration of karma clearing and your day to day choices with you to ensure your 21 day clearing addresses the core blocks and restrictions your Reading highlighted.

This aspect of the Spiritual Coaching can be discussed further at the end of your Foundation Soul Reading if you are interested. 

If you are clear you want to go ahead, let's get the ball rolling with your order below. 

Your Investment

$499 USD​