Soul Food: A psychic is not a mind reader or fortune teller

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It's a common misconception that a psychic can read your mind or be some sort of fortune teller! A psychic is very tuned in to the subtle vibrations of energy, including our thought and emotional vibrations. however, this isn’t the main focus of a psychic.

A psychic practitioner is so attuned to energy healing because of their soul blueprint of origination, intensive practice and strengthening of their connection with their intuition and the spirit realms. Their work is to tune in to your intuition, soul, spirit guides and higher realms on your behalf.

Psychic practitioners fast track your connection to these subtle energies and lighter vibrations until such time that you fine tune your own frequency and vibration to be able to strengthen your connection and consciously engage in the higher conversation yourself. We’re all souls incarnated in these third dimension physical bodies so that the soul itself can experience itself most fully. That means, as humans, learning how to work with our energy bodies to create and manifest what we want in this life. Our desires, wants, goals and intentions. It’s part of our divine journey here.

What are our energy bodies?

  • Our physical energy through our third dimensional physical body
  • Our thought and feeling energies/frequencies through our fourth dimension mental and emotional bodies
  • The fifth dimension is the home of our Akashic records which records all of our karma, positive and negative, this lifetime and past lifetimes.

It is in the fifth dimension of the Akashic Records that all the data and characteristics of your soul blueprint of origination are recorded. That is, how your soul was built at the very beginning before it incarnated into a third dimensional physical body. This is your Soul Profile. 

Psychic practitioners tune in to the subtle energy of this dimension far easier than most, because it’s part of the developed attunement of their energy bodies over time and with training. With particular details only you can provide and your intention for where you are at in your life so far, psychics read your soul profile to relay this data to you. That is, the data and characteristics on how you manifest and create what you want, most easily. What focus of activity most energizes you and brings you best self and ROI to the space.

Importantly, the psychic also reads the negative karma that is blocking and restricting your access to those soul profile strengths and gifts. Starting the process of clearing the way for you to get back on YOUR soul track, unique to you, and understand the choices that are most empowering FOR YOU to stay aligned to your soul purpose.

So it makes sense as to how people think that psychics read your mind or can do fortune telling. In truth they are tuning into your intuition and soul level data for your benefit and practical empowerment. You will resonate with the deep knowing now on a more conscious level and with confirmation.  This is where you gain 100% control toward creating the life you truly want, prospering with conscious awareness.

Check out this easy webinar video to find out more about how a psychic taps in to your Soul Blueprint and reads your negative karma to be cleared so you not only access your Blueprint gifts clearly, you also uncover and connect with your Soul Purpose much more easily. Watch your free webinar here. Consider subscribing to the Dr. Elizabeth Celi channel so you stay up to date on regularly posted videos. 

Yours in Soulful Living,


Elizabeth Celi

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