Welcome to your energy mastery!

Good Morning, I’m Elizabeth Celi

Welcome to the space where we fine tune the energy of your thoughts and feelings and realign them WITH your Soul Blueprint. Get your energy flow receiving the abundance of YOUR original divine gifts, and LIFE becomes a place of powerful ease and grace. I sure learnt the hard way before all this though!

Ever wondered how intuition gets blocked & what happens when it does?

Have you ever considered how your intuitive energy flows? 

How your "inner voice" actually shares answers to those silent questions?

I hadn't really considered that to any great extent either! Until my lower back disc bulge brought me so much pain that it forced me to pay attention to how that energy flows ... or what happens when it doesn't!

Not that I knew it at the time. In fact it took me 12 years to figure it out. I hope to spare you that length of pain, physical or otherwise, in order to help you manage your intuitive frequency. 

My energy readings, stage presentations and workshops share the detail of my 12 year journey to realize a very simple, yet powerful, message from our primary energy channel, InTuition:

My intellect was strangling my intuition! 

It took serious pain, 12 years of physical treatment and complementary, holistic healing to kindly (!) have me LISTEN. 

Boy have I learnt how to master my energy, manage my frequency and now ensure my intuition and intellect work in harmony. I am happily pain free!

I get a buzz every time I teach this in my online and face to face workshops supporting people to master their intuitive frequency and gut feelings.

We as humans have barely scratched the surface in remembering our innate bio-energy coming through our InTuition.

It's prompted me to such an extent that I'm now on a road trip with my co-producer filming a documentary on it.  

Our Documentary community: Find out more here about the Documentary manifesting itself through me to support our re-awakening on a collective level. Currently in production, due for release 2019.

Instagram: Follow our road trip and film shooting schedule over @drelizabethceli.

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Professional Qualifications

Retired psychologist (2004 - 2018)

PhD in Psychiatry - genetics and personality assessment in clinical depression

Bachelor App. Science Psychology/Psychophysiology

Film Director - New York Film Academy

Documentary Production - American University of Rome

Film Production - ESEntertainment Beverly Hills

Screenwriting Screenwriters University

Founding Board Member - Rotary Club Rome International 2015-2017

President Rotary Club of Mt Martha, Australia 2012-2013. Member for 8 years.

Certificate IV - Fitness and Personal Trainer

Training and Assessment Certificate

What helped me get to mastery of my own energy frequencies?

I started my spiritual training and meditation with my Maori teacher when I was 17 years old and have never stopped. The depths and portals of my InTuition are energizing and priceless. I find my North Star every day and now in every moment. 

counselling psychologist, stress psychologist, stress management

During this time, over 26 years I have studied the Qabbalah - a structured system for applying our inner alchemy - every morning through meditation and automatic writing. Even if  "only" 15 minutes because of a hectic schedule. Besides, 15 minutes isn't "only 15 minutes" in this space! It has re-awakened me to my family's lineage of alchemists.

Hindu Raja Yoga (yoga for the mind) brought me to Mount Abu India for an invitation-only retreat with traditional Yogi's. There I trained among incredibly conscious teachers so sharply connected with their higher self, spirit guides and universal principles. Raja Yoga is my daily practice, my daily remembrance of the fact that I am born from energy. This translates to clear decisions and confident steps in materializing my visions. 

The Qabbalah and Raja Yoga have me consciously embody and live Universal principles every moment of my day. Universal Principles will always keep us on track by the mere fact that they’re… you know …. Universal! Whether we agree or not, they are UNIVERSAL lore so their energetic order WILL happen whether we jump on the train or not. IT IS WHAT IT IS. It's always in our favour anyhow so what is there to lose?!

This 26 year journey, now an everyday practice of applied open-eye meditation will continue for as long as I live in this life. It becomes more fun, light-hearted and potent with each passing month. This has continuously grown my capacity as a psychologist, akashic record reader and spiritual advisor.

The strength of my intuitive connection is beyond words, communication with my higher self a crystal clear conduit for all my clients. For those I'm intended to serve and those called to connect with me as their practitioner, I am excited we've found each other!

I relish being a guide and advisor for people connecting with their practical intuition.

I love sharing in a community of clients and colleague who are seekers and go-getters' clear on self responsibility. These qualities are the basis of integrating your practical intuition in a way that has fulfilling meaning for you. 

This practical intuition grows your self-awareness, grows your desire and your capacity to become your own transforming alchemist. To walk the talk of universal principles in a way that is best for you and will ultimately benefit us all.

It will always work out as a win/win when truly based on universal principles and universal lore. 

Heres to your Soulful Living,

Elizabeth Celi