Welcome to your energy mastery!

Hey there, I’m Elizabeth Celi

Eli for short 🙂

Psychologist, Energy Healer, Documentary Filmmaker 

(watch this space for more on the documentary we're producing)

Have you ever considered how your intuitive energy flows? 

How your "inner voice" shares answers to those silent questions?

Ever wondered how intuition gets blocked & what happens when it does?

I hadn't really considered that to any great extent either in my early years! Until my lower back disc bulge brought me so much pain that it forced me to pay attention to how that energy flows...or what happens when it doesn't!

Not that I knew it at the time. In fact it took me 12 years to figure it out. I hope to spare you that length of pain, physical or otherwise, in order to help you manage your intuitive frequency. 

My stage presentations and workshops share the detail of my 12 year journey to realize a very simple, yet powerful, message that my intuition was trying to tell me:

My intellect was strangling my intuition! 

It took serious pain, 12 years of physical treatment and complementary, holistic healing to kindly (!) have me LISTEN. To listen to my intuition (note In-Tuition) sharing with me that my academic, analytic, logical mind was over working and blocking my intuitive energy flow. Talk about selling myself short by only using "half" of my mind and brain power!

Boy have I learnt how to master my energy, manage my frequency and now ensure my intuition and intellect work in harmony. As a team in co-operation and collaboration. I am happily pain free, physically and emotionally!

I get a buzz every time I teach this in my online and face to face workshops. Giving people the tools, insights and skills to manage their intuitive frequency and master their gut feelings. Who wouldn't want to have smart and wise ways to problem solve and make decisions in their every day life.

Our intuition is deep and rich with intel. It's a part of our vast bio-energy. We as humans have barely scratched the surface in remembering our innate bio-energy. Let alone the potential of our biotechnology. 

I'm so turned on by our InTuition, our vast bioenergy and how it connects us to ourselves, to each other and to the earth's frequency that it's prompted us to produce a documentary. 

Check out the video above for a bit of an intro to what we're putting together in our documentary 🙂 

We're in the process of building an online portal for you to get a sneak peak behind-the-scenes and access exclusive pre-release footage. 

If you'd like to follow our road trip as we film phase 3 of footage, follow us on instagram @drelizabethceli 🙂

Watch this space or stay in touch after you download your 10-point checklist of energy jolts that last here

What helped me get to mastery of my own energy frequencies?

I started my spiritual training and meditation when I was 17 years old and I never stopped. It was a key space where I connected with ME, my InTuition, my Higher Self. The depths and portals I reach are energizing and priceless.  

At 17 years of age, my Maori spiritual teacher guided me and set me on track of connecting with my higher self, which has continuously been my North Star. 

Since then, over 24 years I have studied alchemy and the many philosophies and mystery schools that have contributed to being a true healing alchemist.  I meditate every morning, even if it's only 15 minutes because of a hectic short term schedule. I very rarely compromise it.

Hindu Raja Yoga (yoga for the mind) practice for resonates with me most in daily practice beyond deeper meditations channeling with my higher ups. Raja Yoga includes open eye meditation, practical study and exploration of how universal principles show up in daily practice, many silence retreats for 2-5 days at a time, including a visit to India for a 7 day retreat to deepen my intuitive connection. There I learnt and trained among incredibly conscious teachers who were so very sharply connected with their higher self, spirit guides and universal principles.

I was inspired to live and walk the talk of the universal principles I'd studied, even more deeply, as they role modeled to me. Universal principles we all need to embody and live by, by the mere fact that they’re… you know …. Universal! Whether we agree or not, they are UNIVERSAL lore so it’s going to happen whether we jump on the train or not. IT IS WHAT IT IS. So those teachers and guides in India, with such calm, peace and centeredness within themselves, continue to inspire me in my thoughts and meditations.

This 24 year journey, which is an everyday meditation and practice for me now and always will be for as long as I live in this life, has constantly strengthened my connection with my higher self and continuously grown my capacity as a psychologist, psychic practitioner and spiritual teacher.

I relish being a teacher in practical intuition.

I love having the community around us connect with each other based on what practical intuition means for them. The way we treat each other, the way we connect, how we are encouraged to share and be our best selves.

The practical intuition that grows their self-awareness, grows their desire and capacity to be 100% responsible for themselves. To walk the talk of principles that benefit us all, in the way they express them best for them. It will always work out as a win/win when truly based on universal principles and universal lore. 

Practical intuition is my ultimate method of practice. It keeps me connected to be on top of the Law of Rhythm.

I am so very happy we’ve found each other here at The Entrepreneur Soul. Thank you for checking this out. 

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Thank you so much for reading this right through and finding out some core things about me. I appreciate that your time is precious.

Have a blessed day, shine your light and bask in it’s warmth that is reflecting joy back at you.

Yours in Soulful Living,