What does an Akashic Psychology Reading actually help with?

Your personal Akashic Psychology Reading helps you understand key energy dynamics about your True Self.

These energy dynamics are stored as energy data points in your Akashic Psychology record.

In short, your Akashic Psychology record is unique to you. Your Akashic Psychology Reading extracts:

  • The pragmatic energy reading of your negative karmic patterns that underlie specific problematic concerns or problems in your day to day life.
  • The pragmatic energy reading of your innate, soul level gifts that ensure you create positive karmic patterns instead
  • Without insight into both, how will you know if you’re creating positive or negative karmic patterns for YOU?

The energy reading of the negative karmic patterns illuminates the source of what fuels your hots buttons!

Those hot buttons that create emotional whirlwinds and at the very least, a lot of confusion.

These emotional whirlwinds become a significant distraction in your energy matrix. They block you being able to access your soul level gifts. It’s like being stuck INSIDE the white noise and static between radio stations. Negative karmic patterns keep you out-of-tune.

Why bother accessing your soul level gifts?

Because your soul level gifts illuminate how YOUR energy matrix operates at its peak.

In this peak energy flow, your decisions and actions are made with ease. You can actually enjoy the path of least resistance in achieving your goals. Of course effort is still involved but that effort doesn’t need to include you pushing it uphill!

A detailed psychic reading of your Akashic Psychology record details exactly what YOUR Soul level gifts actually are. Otherwise how will you know if you’re creating positive or negative karmic patterns?!

Combined, this knowledge tunes you in to your inner compass of healing and clarity about what kind of choices are powerful for YOU.

Imagine unlocking the power of your practical intuition for day to day use.

If you have further questions you'd like to clarify, please contact me here to arrange your complimentary 15 minute skype chat. I'd be happy to clarify any part of this process and it's benefits for you in a direct one on one chat.