Alchemy Fire Heals the Day

When the fire rises

And emotions run high

Give them breath and tenderness

To lovingly let them slide by

They signal a moment of value

For your mind to acknowledge and heal

No attachment, key to tap its true power

Say Thank You and let it's Alchemy congeal

Congeal your renewal in place of the old

Congeal Alchemical Fire to cleanse you within

Fire that sears old habits back to Source

Giving rise to your Revived Self, your Kin

Alchemical Fire clears from your depths

Unravels twisted thoughts and emotions

It's heat soars and sizzles in its healing

Swiftly joined by its compliment of soothing waters

There's nought to fear in its seeping through

It is swift and pointed with God's Care

A Natural Intelligence to recollect in our heart

For we're all Alchemists and Light in there

Give yourself but a moment, a day, a night

To let Alchemy Fire cool your heated ego

Re-equilibrate that which has stooped too low

Release psychic drag, reconfigure your Soul

The Fire is always in concert with the Waters

Natural Intelligence, the Source Hearth

Open up to the harmony of heat and cool

Creating the vortex for Spirit's Motion, Your Path

What is your Alchemical Fire transitioning you through?

Selected from my Poetry Epos: "Conversing with God"; channeled and written whilst traveling through Peru 2017/2018.

Complete manuscript of Poetry to be released Sept/October 2018, if not sooner!

Elizabeth Celi

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