Want to be a BETA tester for this program? Only a total of 7 people are needed. 

Let's support your monkey mind becoming your personal super power. 

What's involved in being a BETA tester for this program?​ Details below

"Master Yo' Yogi DOES factor in the pressure of an entrepreneur's life"

A BETA tester involves giving structured feedback about your experience with the Master Yo' Yogi meditation challenge. I truly want this program to meet the needs of busy entrepreneurs. It has arisen out of accumulated feedback from clients and research from interviewees over 12 months. I will continuously aim to improve my support for entrepreneurs wanting meditation as a positive lifestyle habit.   

The following is the minimum participation required in agreeing to be a BETA tester:

  • ​Participation in the Meditation Challenge for Entrepreneurs Standard package (detailed in the table below) for it's 4-week entirety, including receiving your copy of the eBook and lifetime access to the Karma video eCourse.
  • Please note attendance at 4 of the 5 LIVE meditation per week is required for valid feedback to be obtained. Replays are sent.
  • A 30 minute skype call at the end of each week of the Challenge (Saturday or Sunday) to give critique about the previous week's mediation/program.
  • If at the end of the four weeks you feel the program positively helped you, provide a written and/or video testimonial of the program for ongoing marketing purposes. Assurance to future entrepreneurs that their investment will provide what they want is part of the integrity I want to offer.
  • There is no cost to participate in the Standard package BETA test. I simply request you earnestly participate in the program to experience it as fully as possible. I trust your reliability to provide the above minimum participation in exchange. If you are unable to continue  after week 1 kindly inform me.
  • As further thanks for completing all key requirements including (1) the full 4-weeks of the program and 4 of 5 weekly meditations, (2) the four feedback skype calls over four consecutive weekends during the program and (3) the actual provision of a written and/or video testimonial highlighting the benefits of the program for you, I would be happy to provide you with either a complimentary Life Lessons psychic reading or a complimentary Life Situation psychic reading if there are specific problems occurring for you at the time. You can decide which one is better for you at the time. 

If you wish to participate in a BETA test of the full VIP package, further details are below. This is optional. 

    • If you wish to participate in a BETA test of the full VIP package, which includes (1) the addition of two (2) questionnaires measuring depression, anxiety, stress and well-being factors over three time points and (2) receiving the online download of the meditation compilation, a discounted fee of $99 is payable.
    • This fee for VIP BETA testers only covers a small portion of costs incurred in creating/delivering the Standard and VIP Mediation Challenges. If you decide to be a VIP BETA tester a coupon code will be provided and valid for purchase within 24 hours only.

    The following is the minimum participation required in agreeing to be a VIP Package BETA tester:

  • All requirements as for the Standard package BETA tester outlined above
  • Completion of the questionnaires at all three time points - week 0, end of week 2, end of week 4. Links will be provided.
  • During week 5 or 6 (post the 4-week challenge), have one skype consult with me (one hour ) to receive your scores and your pre and post comparisons.
  • During week 5 or 6 have one final skype meet (30 minutes only) for specific feedback on the experience of receiving your questionnaire measures.
  • Again as thanks for completing and providing all requirements you will receive the online download of the meditation compilation and the choice of one complimentary psychic reading, specifically either the Life Lesson psychic reading or the Life Situation psychic reading

Please contact me at welcome@theentrepreneursoul.com to register as a BETA tester

Master Yo' Yogi package options

How deep and detailed you go is up to you:

What you get:

​20 online guided audio meditations

6am EST. Mon-Fri, 4 weeks​

Two Intuitive Meditation journal exercises every Friday

Four weekly seminars on practical regime development

Master Yo' Yogi Closed facebook group and live videos.

eBook: "Your Soul Companion Guide"​

Video eCourse - 10 videos: "Negative Karma Sux -want to clear it?"​

Compilation of 20 meditations in an online download (allow 2-3 weeks production from week 4​)

Additional two weeks - Measure your mood & well-being​

 Complete online questionnaires gauging depression, anxiety, stress, health and well being (will take you 5-10 minutes ) at week 0, the end of week 2 and end of week 4​. (valued at $500)

Two 45-minute skype consults within two weeks of completing the Meditation Challenge (weeks 5 & 6) - Analysis and verbal report of your questionnaire scores and most important, your changes over time. (valued at $485)

Email support from Week 0 through to the end of Week 6. (allow 24 hours response in light of time zone differences)

Standard package

Standard package investment

​$ 299 USD

Early bird for standard package

$249 USD​

Coupon - yogidiscount

Expires Friday 24th February 6pm EST

VIP package

​VIP package investment

​$ 599 USD

Early bird for VIP package

$499 USD​

Coupon - vipdiscount

Expires Friday 24th February 6pm EST

Beginners Meditation Challenge for Entrepreneurs


The routine is all organized for you


Get your daily meditation and peace of mind


More resilience with accumulated meditation


Feel youthful again

Just rock up, enjoy peace of mind and dive into your day with more ease.

Dr. Elizabeth Celi 
Creator of Master Yo' Yogi

Psychologist, Psychic, Spiritual Adviser

Dr. Celi started her spiritual training at 17 years of age with her Maori spiritual teacher. Over the 24 years since, her intensive study of theology, alchemy of the ageless wisdom mystery schools and Hindu Raja Yoga practice resulted in Elizabeth being invited to India HQ for a 7 day training among highly conscious yogi's.

Elizabeth meditates first thing every morning between 30-90 minutes and continuously deepens her clairaudient and claircognizant gifts. Her psychological and psychic skills support clients and founders manage their personal karma shifts and the karmic energy matrix of their companies. Elizabeth is an intentional teacher of practical spirituality.

100% Quality Guaranteed


100% Quality Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Quality-Guarantee. Attentive, focused and targeted meditation, training and support for entrepreneurs is our 100% commitment to you over this Meditation Challenge.

Because of this commitment, there is a strict No Refund Policy. This Meditation Challenge is designed to get you past the week 2 potholes and into creating your regime. This requires a 100% commitment on both our parts. If by the end of week 2 (half way through) you have attended all 10 meditations and you don't get some ease and clearer thinking just let us know no later than 5pm EST Sunday 12th March 2017 and you can transfer the balance of your investment (up to $300 USD max.) on receiving one personal psychic reading of your choice of equal or lesser value in place of the remaining 14 days (or 28 days for VIP packages). Please note this offer will not apply after 5pm EST Sunday 12th March 2017.

Should the transfer of the balance for your psychic reading be requested, membership in the closed facebook group, remaining seminars and program offerings in week 3 through week 6 will be forfeited. The eBook and video eCourse remain yours for your ongoing personal development.

Yours in Soulful Living,

Dr. Celi

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