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Author of two books so far in this lifetime (more below), I have certainly evolved in how my innate Healer and Teacher connects & shares with Souls like you.

My Psychologist, Psychic practitioner and Spiritual Teacher is pleased to introduce you to your pocket guide eBook. Now written, we're working on the final touches for you 🙂 

"Your Soul Companion Guide - 365 Nudges from The Universe"

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​Psychological self help books to date

In my previous life (in this lifetime that is!) working as a full time psychologist, I was guided toward raising awareness and advocacy for men's mental health.

At a time in our evolution from the Agricultural Age through the Industrial Age, now in the Information Age and heading into the Intuition Age,  men and women's roles in society have changed drastically.

Men have become so misunderstood. How men and women now relate to each other, compassionately, is re-weaving. There is wonderful and needed support and resources for women out there. Support during this ripple effect of the changing ages and the practical transition for men somehow lagged behind. 

Before we truly enter the Intuition Age where our energy exchanges will become incredibly sensitive and perceptive, there's never been a better time to re-calibrate how men and women connect and converse with each other and collective evolve TOGETHER.

Regular Joe vs. Mr Invincible:

The Battle for the True Man

  Interviews with 6 executive men about all things male and masculine!​

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Breaking the Silence: A practical guide

for male victims of domestic abuse

Such a blind spot in our society that has many men, fathers and children lacking much needed psychological support​

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We need to support each other by understanding our natural differences and working with them productively, instead of the unconscious "do it the way women do it" or "do it the way men do it". It doesn't have to be all or nothing, it can be BOTH. My two books so far have been focused on that inclusiveness and togetherness to enjoy our strengths and differences as men and women. 

It is my vision and goal for The Entrepreneur Soul community hub for us all to support each other in this soulful, evolutionary way. Of course my Intuitive Healer and Teacher will be there to guide, support and cheer you all on in your divine, soulful uniqueness.

How exciting!!!