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Spiritual self help 

With 17 years of work as a psychologist and author of two books to date, one factor significantly influenced how well clients recovered.

Their internal energy system. The more rigid or blocked people were to their internal energy system, the longer it took to shift and get better.

Changing distorted thinking patterns is a journey of self awareness and self direction. Energetic practice at it's best.

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Our internal energy system, akin to our intuitive sense, taps into our internal energy rhythm and cycles. It allows you to work from a soul level, where the distorted thinking originates.

Forefather of psychology, Carl Jung, understood the natural power of this internal energy system. What we have come to know as our psyche, our collective consciousness, our soul level energy. 

After all, we are all energy. Our energy flows down through our thoughts, feelings and actions. They are all integrated.

Now integrating my 17 years of work as a psychologist managing clinical depression and anxiety with clients with my spiritual healing work, I am  pleased to introduce you to - "Your Soul Companion Guide - 365 Nudges from the Universe".

"Your Soul Companion Guide - 365 Nudges from The Universe"

Your Soul Companion guide, spiritual self help books, psychic, psychic reading, spirituality, higher consciousness, i am

"Your Soul Companion Guide - 365 Nudges from the Universe" will be available late 2018/early 2019 as the final editing and production touches are put into motion.​

Drop us a note through the Contact page if you'd like to be advised on it's release.

Psychological self help books to date

In my earlier career as a full time psychologist, I specialized in the men's mental health. This benefitted both the men who were seekers and the women in their lives who wanted to understand more deeply.

Our society has evolved exponentially over the last 2 centuries. From the Agricultural Age through the Industrial Age which significantly impacted men and their working lives. Now in the Information Age as we head into the Intuition Age, men and women's roles in society have changed drastically.

Masculine and feminine are becoming more pronounced 

Both men and women are needing to come to grips with the energetic systems and rhythms of our masculine and feminine energies. They are not only "man" and "woman" energies. Every man and every woman has the yin/yang of both. 

With the growing conscious awareness of our society and more opportunity for CHOICE and self-determination, MASTERY of these two harmonious energies is now more urgent than it every was before. 

Compassionate re-calibration among men and women

Men have become so misunderstood. How men and women now relate to each other, compassionately, is re-weaving. There is wonderful and needed support and resources for women out there. Support during this ripple effect of the changing ages and the practical transition for men is imperative for all of our society to progress. 

Before we truly enter the Intuition Age where our energy exchanges will become incredibly sensitive and perceptive, there's never been a better time to re-calibrate how men and women connect and converse with each other and compassionately evolve TOGETHER.

Regular Joe vs. Mr Invincible:

The Battle for the True Man

  Interviews with 6 executive men about all things male and masculine!​

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Breaking the Silence: A practical guide

for male victims of domestic abuse

Such a blind spot in our society that has many men, fathers and children lacking much needed psychological support​

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We need to support each other by understanding our natural differences and working with them productively, instead of the unconscious "do it the way women do it" or "do it the way men do it". It doesn't have to be all or nothing, it can be BOTH. My two books so far have been focused on that inclusiveness and togetherness to enjoy our strengths and differences as men and women. 

It is my vision and goal for The Entrepreneur Soul community hub for us all to support each other in this soulful, evolutionary way. Of course my Intuitive Healer and Teacher will be there to guide, support and cheer you all on in your divine, soulful uniqueness.

How exciting!!!