Business Energetics Review

Your business enterprise is a direct reflection of you.

If your energetics have changed, the energetics of your business systems, logistics and messaging will also need realignment.

That's how business' evolve anyway. 

But why wait for poor performance, in any department, to drain your precious resources when a minor energetic change can make all the difference? 

It's amazing how your business reflects your soul level gifts and strengths!

As a conscious, wise entrepreneur, it makes sense your business' energetics would be congruent with your personal, soul level energy flow. Including energy upgrades.

You are the expert in your own business, so when something misaligned is pointed out to you, you can already determine how to fix it. And get to it with no fuss.

This is what a Business Energetic Review does for you. 

It points out where your business has become misaligned to who you are NOW.

It deciphers the trees from the forest so where you decide to spend your dollar or where you decide to put your precious thinking resources, is on point and effective.

Pinpointing the best area/s of focus can be hard to do with efficiency and assurance when you're right IN your business and having to manage day to day dynamics.

Using the Business Energetics Review as a tool to work ON your business makes your personal and professional evolution so much easier.

Walking the talk of business energetics

My 17 years as an entrepreneur, including several publishing and media achievements combine with my cultural business experiences in Australia, Italy and the USA. Living in Rome for 3 years and filming our documentary through the USA has integrated my personal and business energetics.

akashic reading, mindfulness, meditation, counselling psychologist

As a psychologist and spiritual healer I consult with clients one on one (online) and publish books. As a screenwriter and director I create screenplays that sell and direct videos, short films and feature films to entertain people.

They are obviously diverse on the surface, but their underlying business energetics are congruent with who I am in my soul profile. My business enterprises are 100% aligned with my personal energy systems.

This is the practical entrepreneurial embodiment work I am here to assist you with.

Help your Business Energetics keep up with your personal energetic shifts

We don't need to look for a needle in the haystack when we have the innate power of both your personal Akashic Record and Akashic Energy Record of your business to tap into for direct answers.

Is it the content, visual marketing, verbal marketing,  sales process, contributors and contractors or something of your service/product that needs tweaking?

Any business areas that have become old news for who you are now, dragging your business results and working dynamics down, are pinpointed for you.

We'll workshop the solutions together over your three two-hour business calls and leave you with key actions steps to implement with clarity and confidence.

During our calls, we'll frequently check in to the Akashic Energy Record of your personally (your energetic blueprint) and of your business.

We'll always keep your personal energetic blueprint (your divine gifts and strengths) top of mind as it's our reference point. From there, we'll gather data of where your business systems and processes have become misaligned to your business' akashic energetic record that has developed.

Because your business' energetic record is naturally infused with YOUR energetic blueprint, finding where the misalignment is, is straightforward.  

Let your business reflect your soul level, energetic gifts and strengths

With the Business Energetics Review we will conduct in your online calls, we will continue to refine how your business reflects your soul level, energetic gifts and strengths.

Please be reassured, all your personal and business information is held private and confidential. Completion of Non Disclosure Agreements is common practice for these Business Energetic Reviews.

Your Business Energetics Review includes:

  • Three 1.5 - 2 hour online calls over six weeks.
    • Week One: Call one  - we will discuss your personal Akashic Psychology Profile. That is your unique, soul level energetic blueprint. This forms the basis for your Business Energetics Review.
    • Week Three: Call Two - we will workshop which areas of your current business are out of alignment from your Akashic Psychology Profile. Specifically in relation to Products/Services, Marketing, Sales, Contributors and Clients. 
    • Action items will be decided upon before the completion of this call.
    • Week Five: Call Three - we will review the action items delineated in call two and workshop anything further to support the realignment of your business energetics to your personal Akashic Psychology Profile.
  • Email correspondence throughout the six week period of your Business Energetics Review.
  • In between each call, I check in on the business energetics for each area of the business. This will always be in reference to your (1) Akashic Psychology Profile and (2) your goals for this Business Energetics Review.
  • Within this framework, your six week program will be HIGHLY individualized depending on your business, it's infrastructure and industry.

Your investment

$ 497 (including tax)

 One upfront payment $497 USD total

Two payments of $274 USD each  (including finance fee). Installment one before commencement and installment two/final installment at the end of week 3.

Terms to be aware of prior to booking your Business Energy Analysis

As only TWO businesses are serviced at any one time, there may be a wait list. 

You are very welcome to contact me for a proposed commencement date of your Business Energetics Review, and any other inquires you have.  I am happy to arrange a complimentary 20 minute video call to clarify any of your questions. Ensuring you make a 100% informed decision that you are comfortable with is part of empowering you through this process. 

Please be advised there are no refunds for a booked and scheduled Business Energetic Review. Prior to booking your Business Energy Analysis, please review your ability to commit to your six week program.The Business Energetics Review is not extended beyond six weeks of your proposed commencement date. I am focused on supporting you toward the energetic review and fine tuning of your business within the shortest possible time without compromise in quality. This ensures you simply get back to working on and in your renewed business, enjoying it and prospering as soon as possible.

Further to this commitment I make, I am YOUR dedicated tough love consultant for these six weeks! I want to ensure I support you 100% to discover and implement how your business happens best FOR YOU.

Once again, please feel free to contact me with any inquiries and clarifications you seek -

Here's to your Soulful Living,

Dr. Elizabeth Celi 

Consulting Psychologist, Author, Screenwriter, Film Director

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