Business Energy Analysis

How effectively is your company expressing your soul purpose so it naturally attracts your financial intentions?

  • ​The Life of an Entrepreneur
  • Business Energy Analysis
  • Two month, individual program - eight phase analysis of your business ​
  • Terms to be aware of prior to booking your Business Energy Analysis

​The Life of an Entrepreneur

Stressed, stress, overwhelm, confusion

​As an entrepreneur, there's nothing worse than feeling like your products, services and all the systems you're pouring energy into just aren't bringing the financial satisfaction you want.

Revenue is coming in but you know it's falling short of your capacity and your desired financial intentions. The frustration creates a double edged sword of happily working your business to keep improving it while also resenting it for not bringing the ROI you know you deserve.

Not least attracting your desired profits without spinning your wheels, feeling demotivated or stuck. You love what you offer and you want to get more of it out to more people, you want to share more of your spirit shine with you customers!

It is possible to invest energy into your business with much more ease, joy and fruitful returns. That you've discovered this service here is serendipitous, you've attracted an answer to the questions and intentions you put out to the universe about all this. 

​Business Energy Analysis

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Your business is an energetic entity of it's own. It therefore has a soul record of it's own. You have "birthed that" with your concentrated thought power and emotional fuel. 

So decisions you make and action as the owner, including those of any contributors to your business (partners, investors, collaborators, staff), can and do influence the energetic entity of your business and it's results.

The more aligned those decisions and actions are to your soul purpose, the more ease, clarity and money naturally flow in. You soul purpose is the core blueprint and framework where you manifest most abundantly and most easily. So is it any surprise that aligning your business decisions and actions to your soul purpose simply opens the path of least resistance in growing your business?​

Two ​month, individual program - Eight phase analysis of your business energetics

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  • Are any of your products/ services misaligned to your financial intentions?
  • Are any marketing processes energetically limiting your bottom line?
  • What sales sequences are most energetically aligned to boost your profits?
  • Any business systems having prospects "phase out" before closing the sale?
  • Are any contributors/staff introducing negative energetics stifling revenue?

This is a snap shot of the data you will acquire about your business energetics while we interact and liaise in 1on1 consults.

  • Your program involves weekly online consults ranging 30-120 minutes each
  • In between each call, I psychically analyze the business energetics of each phase listed below, based on your business soul record and our discussions
  • In weeks 4-8 we liaise on calls twice/week as we psychically review every element of your business energetics with a fine tooth comb
  • Each week the previous weeks action items will be reviewed
  • Within this framework, your two month program will be HIGHLY individualized depending on your business, it's infrastructure and industry.

Week one

What is your soul purpose? What are we aligning your business' soul record toward?

1 x 90 minute online consult​

Week two

​Negative karma clearing process

Two videos for your review

1 x 60 minute online consult

Week three

How do your soul blueprint facets translate to your entrepreneurial processes?

1 x 60 minute online consult

Week four

​Finalize karma clearing action steps forward. Business products & services psychic analysis

2 x 60 minute online consults​

Week five

Marketing process analysis​

Sales process analysis​

Up to 2 hour online consults​ (scheduled as appropriate to your business analysis)

Week six

 Contributors analysis​

Business systems analysis​

​Up to 2 hour online consults​ (scheduled as appropriate to your business analysis)

Week seven

Clients and customers analysis

Follow up on any business areas

 Up to 2 hour online consults​ (scheduled as appropriate to your business analysis)

Week eight 

Check in & round up. Actions taken and to be taken by business for energy realignment​

​Up to 2 hour online consults​ (scheduled as appropriate to your business analysis)

  • This program is only for eight consecutive weeks and not extended in order to remain reliable for businesses scheduled to commence their energy analysis after yours. Only five businesses are concurrently serviced at a time to ensure each business receives attentive, quality consulting. Therefore please be aware there may be a 2 month+ wait list. 

Your investment

$ 4950 (including tax)

 One upfront payment $4950 total

Two monthly payments of $2525 each           (including finance fee)

Terms to be aware of prior to booking your Business Energy Analysis

As only FIVE businesses are serviced at any one time, there may be a 2+ month wait list. 

You are very welcome to contact Dr. Elizabeth Celi directly for a proposed commencement date of your Business Energy Analysis and any other inquires you have. I am committed to your feeling confident and assured that this is the right business decision for you. ​Contact Elizabeth directly at

Please be advised there are no refunds for a booked and scheduled Business Energy Analysis. Prior to booking your Business Energy Analysis, please review your ability to commit to your two month program. As indicated above, it is not extended beyond two months of your proposed commencement date. I am focused on supporting you toward the energetic review and fine tuning of your business within the shortest possible time without compromise in quality. This ensures you simply get back to working on and in your renewed business, enjoying it and prospering as soon as possible.

Further to this commitment I make, I am YOUR dedicated tough love consultant for these two months! Aligning to my soul purpose is something I live and breathe by and have done for over 20 years. I want to ensure I support you 100% to discover and implement how this happens best FOR YOU.

Once you do receive the detail of your proposed scheduled commencement date, registering for your Business Energy Analysis as soon as possible to receiving this information will maximize the confirmation of this date for you. Naturally, the longer you wait to book your Business Energy Analysis the higher the risk of a delayed commencement date for your Business Energy Analysis as online registrations by other businesses are always in motion.

Once again, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Elizabeth Celi with any inquiries and clarifications you seek. Ensuring you make a 100% informed decision that you are comfortable with is part of empowering you through this process.

Here's to your Soulful Living Entrepreneur Soul,

Dr. Elizabeth Celi ​