Meditation: Evolving beyond others comfort zones

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When you take ownership and responsibility for your part in events and experiences in your life, you can’t help but grow and positively change.

Getting closer to your authentic self is a soulful journey we all need to do. Each person does so at different paces, that’s ok.

Others sometimes don’t handle your evolution well, trying to hold you back or hold on to the person they were comfortable with. Attempting subtle, (un)conscious sabotage to keep the person in the comfort zone they're used to.

Given the old comfort zone is also familiar to you, it's an opportunity for you to practice mindful meditation to support your transition from the 'old' you to the renewing you. 

Its part of your journey to refuse the temptation to "be kept" in your and their comfort zone, it's always your responsibility. So instead, here's a short written meditation to support and strengthen you in your renewed self. Followed by a short practical meditation to practice and embody your conscious development!

Never apologize for evolving closer to your true self. Blessings to you Entrepreneur Souls 🙂

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I recommend playing this musical mediation - click the water ripple image - while you do your written meditation and then transition into your practical meditation!! Note: you may need to skip the Ad

Written meditation

1. In your personal journal, describe your former comfort zone. Describe it in detail.

2. Now list how it no longer serves you. What prompted you to want to change it, evolve past it, renew yourself?

3. Who are you transitioning forward into now? Who are you becoming now? Why is this important to you? How does it energize and elevate you now?

4. With all you described in number 3 above, expand further on your renewed self  - the one that is now OUT OF your former 'comfort zone' - and let's ground it in your physical senses: 

a. How does it LOOK in your minds eye and in your physical sight?

b. How does it SOUND in your inner and how would others hear you speak differently?

c. How do you SMELL out the world differently now that you've expanded your awareness and new sphere of experience?

d. How will you TOUCH people differently with your words and gestures, how do you want to be TOUCHED differently by their words and gestures?

e. How do you wish to TASTE the world, your experiences, differently now? How do you want to DIGEST the world in a way that resonates stronger with you stronger and leaves you satisfied, like you've had a hearty, satiating meal?! How do you want people and the environment to digest you from here on?

With all of this written out, your conscious mind has had a chance to consolidate some of your subconscious and superconscious workings. 

Practical meditation​

Sit back, relax, close your eyes. Let the messages you've just written and processed play through your mind. Let the sound of the rain wash away the old you, the familiar parts of you that no longer served you. Let the refreshing sounds of the rain water the new seeds you have planted about yourself. Especially how they are grounded in your physical senses. Water the seeds of your renewed self and as you take ownership of growing out of your comfort zone.

Never apologize for growing closer to your True Self. Blessings to you Entrepreneur Soul 🙂

I would love to hear your comments below about your meditation and your renewed self. Sharing it with others puts out more signals to the Universe that you are truly stepping into your renewing YOU 🙂 . ​

Elizabeth Celi

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