Create more time with meditation

Tired of starting meditation only to have it become too hard?

Sadly I’ve all too often heard clients and people interested in doing meditation comment that it becomes unmanageable.

When they try, the monkey chatter just makes it difficult to still their mind. Creating more frustration than calm.

The complicated “do this do that” aspects of meditation and the excess “intellectual theory” about it creates a burden out of meditation practice. Nooooo!

I’m personally saddened and frustrated when people end up in this position with such an easy and beneficial activity like meditation.

Especially when it can be a quick and easy hobby to do when you feel like it. Or an activity that you do on a more regular basis, “regular” being ‘as it works for you’.

Or creating a lifestyle habit out of it. As I do with daily morning meditations anytime between 5am and 6am depending on my schedule. For me, it's simply a non-negotiable.

After 24 years of spiritual training and practice, meditation in its many forms has been central to maintaining harmony within my mental and physical health. The resilience I enjoy pretty much 24/7 simply makes my entrepreneurial life easier to manage with sharper decisions and efficient output.

Clients and students in my professional practice and teaching develop the internal mindfulness space that supports them to save time by completing projects with sharper focus. Among other factors that meditation opens up in your world.

It progresses to creating more time in their schedule.

Partly because the principles inherent in meditation practice support them to cut through the unnecessary elements of a task. Instead, they get to the core and crux of a task and complete it. Its an easier level of management.

There are more reasons it helps open up more time in their day to day. They are more experiential and become more obvious with those making it a lifestyle habit with consistent presence and practice. By ‘consistent’, that can mean doing it once a week. As long as consistency is there to build the energy and the connection to the energy that meditation opens you up to. Like consistency with going to gym to acquire those weight loss and lean body sculpting results.

It’s beyond simple time and priority management skills, which of course are important for any entrepreneur to learn and practice. However in practicing the foundation and principles of meditation, it enables you to do it anywhere. To adapt it to your lifestyle. It bends time (yes, it’s possible!) and therefore creates more space to actually DO the activities you’ve been putting on the back burner with the “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it one day”.

The effortlessness that becomes a part of your work process has you feel like you’re cheating.

But it’s a very real benefit of learning the foundations and principles of meditation.

For those wanting to make a lifestyle habit out of it, the practice of the principles make it easier to do it more frequently and as a result, dimensional meditation becomes an option if you so choose. Dimensional meditation means going into higher realms of energy frequencies and receiving more in depth signals and guidance from your intuition.

With some misconceptions making meditation more effort than it needs to be and my desire to at least get people off the yo-yo meditation roller coaster, I delivered a webinar highlighting five rookie mistakes that make meditation way less fun.

Please enjoy this webinar with a cup of relaxing tea, or coffee if that relaxes you! Espresso certainly does work as a sedative for me, it’s my Sicilian blood!

If you'd like to stay posted on the next intake for the 4 week Master Yo' Yogi online meditation practical course, register your interest here for pre-launch offers.​

Here’s to your soulful living Entrepreneur Souls,

Elizabeth Celi

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