Our Original Being

When we're dealing with day to day stress, all the things we have to do and all the "rules and regulations" we have to follow, it's no wonder we've forgotten who we originally are!

Temporarily anyway.

We can never truly forget our original Being. Our foundation of energy. Our connection to the infinite source of divine power and divine abundance.

Our consciousness. Quite frankly, we wouldn't survive in this physical world without it.

Consciousness first. Body second. Simple.

  • After all, what are our thoughts and emotions? They are forms of energy.
  • When we do self care, what are we attending to? Our physical energy levels.
  • When we get a gut feeling, a hunch or that light-bulb moment, where is it happening? It originates in our subtle energy bodies.

We are originally energy.

Which means we are originally rhythm, wisdom and abundance.

It's understandable that the "heavier" density of our physical matter, our five senses and behaviours, would "swamp" our consciousness.

We are in this earthly physical dimension after all! They all need our attention.

Alchemy, alchemy healing, energy healing, akashic records

But they certainly don't have to override our original form, our original Being, to the point of forgetting who we truly are. 

As we REMEMBER our original Self, our lighter energy Being, it will naturally feed us with more vitality and abundance. 

We'd love to welcome you to our growing patron community. 

Remembering together is far more potent.

The video above shares more about the documentary we are producing for you.

Our collective awakening is calling on us.