Women and men, are you containing your feminine energy?

How does feminine energy operate through us?

As a man or a woman, how can we harmonize it with our masculine energy?

Welcome to episode 9 of The Entrepreneur Soul Show. 

A build up of seemingly unrelated events and experiences over the last 7 days or so culminated into one energy "flip out" and one guided realization!

Well.... it's not like I didn't ask for further insight into the Law of Gender and it's dynamics in my life! 

Aaaaand..... it's not like learning to be receptive to what seems like chaos, as I refine my feminine energy in my repertoire, was on my mind! 

It's not like I haven't been actively training to harmonize my use of masculine energy over the last decade WITH my innate feminine energy! Particularly the more I learn how to apply my soul level gifts, consciously!

Remembering who I AM at soul level and being in active communion with my Higher Self.

The Law of Gender in our personal repertoire and as a community is ready to be heard. 

How is it showing itself for you?

I trust this video episode for The Entrepreneur Soul Show prompts you as to how it may be signalling you, working for you and activating through you. 

A recent spate of Spirit Guide Team Readings and Spirit Guide Coaching has been bringing this up for male and female clients. Their guides come through with feminine, masculine or androgynous energy (as does our own soul energy, chosen for this lifetime) and supports accordingly** 

I've been prompted that there will be another video digging further into the Law of Gender. Watch this space!

For now, enjoy this explosion of it's presence in the form it revealed itself to me!!

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Here's to your Soulful Living,

Elizabeth Celi

Psychologist, Clairaudient, Applied Metaphysicist

** To remove any confusion, you won't see Spirit Guide Team Readings/Coaching available through the website as they are only available to those who have had their Akashic Psychology foundation reading. Without knowing your full soul profile/blueprint, (which is 50-60% of your Akashic Psychology Reading), how your Guides work with you can't be customized to your unique way of Being in this earth suit 🙂 New inner circle Spirit Guides Team are allocated specific to each lifetime.

Elizabeth Celi

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