Documentary Focus Group

Hi there! Thank you for checking out the possibility of being a participant in our initial documentary screening focus groups.

I'm Dr. Elizabeth Celi, documentary director, psychologist. psychic practitioner and author of three books so far.

My co-producer and I will be in Melbourne over July and August as part of our documentary production road trip. In April, we started shooting our documentary footage and expert interviews in the north east and mid-west of the USA.

After our 2.5 months of filming and focus groups in Australia, we will return to the southern and west coast of the USA to shoot more footage and expert interviews. Then we aim to visit other countries where planet earth’s high energy locations can inform us further.

The documentary working title is “Remember – our spiritual connection with planet earth.”

To document this journey, we’re bringing together metaphysicians, healers and scientist expertise, to open up conversations about our biological and bioenergy bodies within our own body AND our connection to the energy and biorhythms of planet Earth. All in the context of becoming ecologically attuned again so we reconnect with how we powerfully and energetically collaborate with Mother Earth and create our resources in an environmentally sustainable way.

Why am I driven to create this documentary?

Besides my clinical psychology work with peoples’ intangible emotional energy and my psychic work attuning peoples’ finer frequency of consciousness spurring me on.... what’s the clincher to take on this rather large project?

The clincher... the wake up call from being in the middle of three earthquake tremors while I lived in Rome.

I wasn’t even at the center of these natural disasters (which were in the central regions of Italy) but I felt Mother Earth's immense power bolt through my apartment and my own body.

The first tremor was completely unexpected and the most intense. It was dizzying as I sat in my loft, watching the loft balcony and floor shake left to right. I knew I couldn’t safely go down the stairs to run for any kind of safety. Waves of fear and blood rushing out of my head froze me for a moment as I then resigned myself to whatever this moment meant. The moment I surrendered, genuinely surrendered, I had the most peaceful experience as I articulated out loud, “I refuse to fear, I trust you Mother Earth”

That moment shook me up and shifted me big time (pardon the pun). That earth energy, the power it held, showed me so clearly the incredible earth power we have access to, naturally and collaboratively. I'm wanting to open up awareness and connection for people to this benevolent energy of Mother Earth so there's less fear and more active connection.

Two separate focus groups are to be conducted in Melbourne. Participation in ONLY ONE is required.

During the two focus groups we are conducting in Melbourne, your candid feedback and constructive criticism are paramount. No punches barred, no one’s ego needs to be pandered! Simply respectful constructive criticism, praise, “hell yeah” and “hell no” kind of feedback!!

For these initial focus groups, the documentary footage will consist of three interviews of scientific and metaphysical professionals speaking about their particular area of expertise.

The primary goal of this focus group is to get your FIRST IMPRESSIONS on the interviewees and what they’re talking about.

Are they interesting to watch?

• Are they boring to watch?

Is what they are saying engaging, exciting, boring or any other feelings that come up for you, positive or negative is welcome.

Constructive criticism on what doesn’t feel right is equally as important as praises, excitement and clear feedback on what does feel right about the documentary footage.

At this stage of the focus groups, the interviews have not been edited into any resemblance of what the documentary will look like in its final form. It’s pure and simply the interviewees and approximately 20 minutes of their sharing on their topic of expertise.

To be considered for one of the focus groups.

A short survey will need to be completed to ensure we receive a balance of our target audience, diverse opinions about the subject matter and the readiness to be an active participant.

Your survey information and personal details will remain ​private and confidential and not used for any other purpose. 

Participation in only one focus group is required and available to each person.

Each focus group will have a maximum of 15 participants each, so 30 individuals with their unique and diverse opinions will be randomly allocated to one of the two focus groups. You will have the opportunity to select which of the two available focus group dates is most convenient for you.

The focus groups with be conducted on Saturday 29th July and Sunday 30th July from 2:00 - 4:00pm.​ They will be conducted in the South Yarra/Windsor area. The specific address will be provided to those confirmed for each group. 

Participation in the documentary screening focus group is voluntary.

Attendance for the full two hours is required. Please do not apply if you are unable to attend the full two hours.​

For those who attend the focus group:

  •  Afternoon snacks, coffee and tea will be provided
  • Each participant will receive three free tickets to one documentary premier launch in Melbourne. Please note the premier will not be until 2019 after we complete shooting the film and all the post production that goes with it!
  • You can be kept up to date in our quarterly updates to all interviewees and cast who are involved in the production of this documentary (opt in on the day of the focus group)

If you're still interested, the link for the survey is below.

We will be in touch within 2 days of you completing the survey to inform you as to whether or not you've been selected for the focus group.

If the maximum capacity is reached before you are allocated (first come first served), we will inform you so you're not left wondering!

Thank you for your consideration.

Please click here for the short survey application to participate in the documentary screening focus group.

Here's to your soulful living,

Elizabeth Celi​