What's my next step?
What do I need to move forward?

Re-connect with your peace, acceptance and fulfillment.

Seekers and I tend to cross paths when a nudge or yearning keeps "calling" them. 

You've tapped in to your intuition but just need guidance to move forward more confidently.

Stop going in circles. Transform your questions and confusion into certainty and confidence.

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Tarot Angel Card Reading - multiple Spreads

What question or concern is tugging at your heart?

Do you need guidance and clarity on your next steps?

Do you need resolution on something weighing on your mind?

What blocks and restrictions are holding you back?

Akashic Psychology Reading

 How was YOUR Soul uniquely built?

Herein lies your innate Purpose and Soul Gifts.

What karma is negating access to your Soul Purpose and Soul Gifts?

It's time to REMEMBER.

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Business Energy Alignment

Am I taking the right steps for my business?

What is my next step/s in growing my business?

What are the key areas of focus for me?

Individualized coaching program - Soul Level analysis of you & your business

Confidentiality precludes testimonials​

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Dr. Elizabeth Celi, PhD

Psychologist, Clairaudient, Spiritual Healer

About your Spiriutal Healer - Dr. Elizabeth Celi

Dr. Celi's work as a psychologist and author has naturally drawn upon her alchemy family lineage, integrating her clairaudient spiritual channeling for deeper healing. Healing on your soul level needs you to integrate karmic shifts and your destiny lines INTO your thinking and emotional energy bodies. This is the integrated space where decisions become clearer because you remember the positive and powerful gifts, strengths and talents you've accumulated over lifetimes.

  It's no wonder the profession of psychology called for Elizabeth's commitment first, embodiment is necessary.  Dr. Celi's 3rd book in spiritual healing and 4th book/Poetry Epos - "Conversing with God" - are due for release over 2018.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Dr. Celi's Akashic reading was spot on. I gained clarity and understanding of choices I make and actions I do from a new perspective. She was able to highlight and give meaning to certain feelings and thought patterns that I have questioned internally but never mentioned outwardly. In two words, it has been self empowering. Thank you Dr. Celi.

Dr. Michael Wong, Chinese Medicine Practitioner
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Within days of finishing my clearing, I experienced a significant positive life shift with a breakthrough I could never have anticipated, it was out of the blue. A gift of incredible kindness and generosity from a dear friend and colleague. I am so grateful to Elizabeth and her Akashic Record reading which has awakened me to attract such a blessed shift and strengthened my connection with my spirituality that has me so much more in sync to Divine Source.

Dee Tozer, Psychologist, 67 years of age