Channeled message with Horus for the Full Moon Harvest Sept 16th 2016


This message was channeled with Sun God Horus for our collective support during the Full Moon Eclipse of September 16th 2016.

Horus is the falcon headed sky and sun god representing strength and victory. His falcon head has a large eye representing the Third Eye, clairvoyance, the All-Seeing Eye. He supports us with courage to see the truth, which is quite pertinent at this time of the Full Moon Eclipse. The Harvest moon where our deeper truth will rise for us to SEE and heal within ourselves.

His message commences below;

The All Seeing Eye of Horus

Love grows

Light bursts

Look and see, see deeply, without the certainty, but trust anyhow.

The fear will rise through your body, to your neck, your face, your third eye. Let it.

Feel the heat, the dampness, the movement

Be still. Be willing. Be earnest in you seeking of releasing the fear

Choice reigns

The fear will emerge through your third eye, your inner eye, for you to watch on the projector of your mind. Let it.

It won’t hurt it, it will enlighten you. Facing your fear needn’t be fearful or frightening. It is but a fear in your thoughts that is in your masterful control.

Let it emerge. Watch it fully. This supports dissolving it. It has now power over you.

Recognize you hold the All Seeing Eye of power and it is far stronger and powerful than the energy of fear.

Of course it will have you believe otherwise. Their force may be the same. How we energize them is our choice.

It is just as easy to energize the freedom of Light and Love, which rewards you with bountiful Light and Love in return.

Energize the fear and you will be ‘rewarded’ with bountiful fear in return.

Universal Law is Universal Law.

The All Seeing Eye of Horus

Walk with the fear and notice it will leave your side soon enough. Your All Seeing Eye guides you forward.

Bless you.


Entrepreneur Souls, I trust this message from Horus has served you at this time. Not only for the September 16th Full Moon Harvest moon but for the days of reflection and healing that will follow.

We are currently still in the third Mercury Retrograde of 2016 which asks us to introspect, reflect, finish tasks/projects we’ve started and be patient to start new projects and initiatives (where safe and possible) after it’s cessation on September 22nd.

Enjoy standing outside in nature under the magnificent energy of the Moon. Anytime of course but especially for this Full Moon Harvest there to support and illuminate us from the inside out.

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Elizabeth Celi

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