Soul Food: 3 ways to block your intuition – Part 2

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Part 1 of this blog (here) outlined 3 ways we can create a lot of static and noise that makes it difficult for your intuition to be heard. First, letting negative emotions be your master. Second, buying into the monkey chatter and multi-tasking. Third, letting your ego take over. Let's check another 3 common ways we can block our connection with our intuitive voice. 

1. Be unkind, pessimistic or self-critical toward yourself

Nothing like having a bunch of negative self talk running around in your mind using up valuable neuron and thought power energy. In our achievement, do-do-do society and such messages that we buy into, it’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind. With social media, it’s all too easy to compare and contrast ourselves. And what are the chances of comparing ourselves in a way that means we’re falling short somehow?! Cue the self critical, “I’m not doing it right or doing enough”, the pessimistic “I just don’t have the resources or know how” and the unkind “I’m just not good at this and who am I fooling anyway?” Such a sad misuse of our thought energy, our powerful attentive thought energy.

Law of causation clearly has us recognize, at least on paper, that our world is mental. Meaning we create mentally with our thoughts,  visualizations, imagery, planning and visioning. That includes the self talk we feed our subconscious. So start to notice when your inner critic starts speaking unkindly and pessimistically in your mental body, in your thoughts, and apply kind suspension of that self talk instead. It takes practice no doubt, but it gets easier.

As you master your thought space, reclaim your thought power and quieten the negative critic, you create the inner thought space for your intuitive voice to reverberate instead. Are you keeping an ear open for it?

2. Listening to everyone else before you tune in and listen to yourself

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You’re a networker, connector, manager, co-ordinator and have a multitude of conversations every day. You do enough professional development and ongoing training to keep your finger on the pulse. So it’s inevitable to hear a bunch of different messages, some congruent and some contradictory.

Then you get busy. You get IN the business and into the operational day to day. A day can melt by easily. And the information you’ve heard, the advice you’ve been given just sinks in, under the skin. You internalize it or make it a part of your own thoughts before you discriminate it and really sift out the wheat from the chaff.

If you listen to others messages before you listen to yourself, there’s a bunch of head traffic just whizzing in your mind and creating unnecessary noise inside you. That makes it hard for intuition to get through and be heard. You miss out on the most important and 100% reliable message and information from your intuitive guidance.

When you receive advice, data, opinions, knowledge from others acknowledge it and in the moment ask yourself, is this relevant to me, which parts are relevant and irrelevant and what’s the most useful gem that applies to MY circumstance and aligns with me and my business?

It’s all part and parcel of getting to know yourself and developing yourself. The partnership between you and your intuition is iron clad from then on.

3. Surrounding yourself with excess external noise - to the degree your intuitive voice can’t be heard

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Noise pollution 101. External noise is quite simply, another demand on your attention. Attention that already has enough to focus on, contemplate, analyse and decide upon. Of course our brain tunes out a lot of environmental noise already so that we don’t use attention resources (consciously anyway) unnecessarily. But it’s still working to do that.

Why add more noise or more importantly, noise where you don’t take a moment to consciously interrupt the external input? Where instead, you consciously inject some silence and minimal external stimulation?

It’s an absolute must. Our brain, our senses, our bodies take in an INCREDIBLE amount of information over a day. That’s before you include listening to your partner, your kids, your staff, your colleagues. There’s a lot on your mind already simply being an entrepreneur taking on a whole lot more responsibility. Be sure to carve out at least 5 minutes a day of quiet time. If that’s too much initially, start with carving out 5 minutes twice a week. It’s better than nothing and your mind will thank you for it. fFve minutes a week (or a day, every second day?!) over a few weeks will steadily slow things down in your brain space and you create a platform for intuition to speak to you with clarity and calmness instead.

These mindfulness techniques in your Soul Psychology are small but powerful steps that, a little at a time, build a foundation of incredible mental strength and emotional resilience. Finding your center in these fourth dimension energy bodies paves the way and opens the portal for your intuition to speak to you more clearly, more easily and ever so powerfully.

Have fun connecting with your old friend Intuition and conversing on your soul path.

For a fun and dynamic way to hear about the battle between our intuition and ego, check out this short video where ego makes a guest appearance!! Subscribe to the Dr. Elizabeth Celi channel so you're up to date on regularly posted videos. Watch the ego at work here!!

Yours in Soulful living,

Elizabeth Celi

Elizabeth Celi

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