Soul Food: 3 ways to block your intuition – Part 1

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Our intuition doesn’t shout, push or command us. It’s quiet, gentle and firm. When it speaks you KNOW.

But it needs to be able to have some clear air time with you so you can recognize it’s signals, how it speaks to you and when it’s clearly your intuition and not you ego.

So here are 3 ways that overshadow our ability to hear and connect with our inner intuitive voice. If we can’t hear it or connect with it, how are we supposed to converse with it and seek guidance and answers from it?

1. Letting negative emotions be your master

Negative emotions are difficult at the best of times. They create a lot of white noise that overshadows your intuitive voice. Let's be clear though, we're not looking to block out negative emotions and only ever experience positive emotions. Not only is this impossible but it would warrant a diagnosis of “psychopath” for anyone who actually “achieved” it!

The problem isn’t so much in having negative emotion, it’s in letting them linger longer than they need to and letting them control you. Rather than you processing them and being their master.The Law of Polarity simply ensures that we as humans experience the spectrum of emotions. They are a signal that something has affected us and triggered something in our beliefs, values, perspective that needs increased awareness and/or shifting.

This means that our job is to acknowledge, process and uplift the negative emotion from the excessive negative (either in its intensity or how long it lingers) a few notches UP the spectrum toward the positive end of the polarity. That might mean we’re just a little less sad, or angry or frustrated than before, but that’s how we ensure emotions don’t become our master and overshadow our ability to hear our intuition. It’s in this process that we learn what the emotion was signalling for us.

Remember emotions are a signal, not a sentence! Then they can help us connect and converse with our intuition.

2. You actually pay attention to you monkey chatter and buy into multi-tasking

Have you noticed the link between the monkey chatter voices in our head and multi-tasking? The more we try multi task, the more monkey chatter. It’s inevitable when we expect our attention to split itself and be 100% functioning in EACH SPLIT task. We buy in to the busy entrepreneur lifestyle, the fact there actually ARE many facets of the business to take care of, so of course multi-tasking is the most efficient way to deal with it all right? Wrong!

Eat at the desk, catch up on calls while driving (hands free of course!), have 2-3 projects open and toggle between them. Not cool. Splitting our attention dilutes it and reduces the power of our focus, doubling or tripling the time it takes to complete each task. Training your mind to focus on one task, one point of focus, one direction for your attention creates power in your attention energy. Attention on your focused, singular intention creates laser like mind power. In the process, you reduce the time to finish the task, freeing you up to move to the next one.

This process done one after the other creates space for ease, peace, mindful serenity. Who wouldn’t want more of that in their day?! The best part… it’s this mindful, serene mind space that tunes your inner ear to hear the intuitive guidance.

Imagine being able to follow the intuitive message that will have you work on the priority task first, propel you forward exponentially and in way less time.

3. Letting your ego tell you what to do

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How do you know when it’s ego? “Do what you’ve always done get what you’ve always got”... and you just keep repeating the cycle! But what you’re getting ain’t effective, satisfying or bringing the wanted ROI anymore. Being alert to when something needs to change is important in a dynamic business. Of course when it ain’t broken don’t fix it, but when it is, helping your intuition to guide you in the change is important.

And this is where ego kicks up to overshadow your intuition. Ego wants to keep us in our comfort zone, familiar space, the “easy” mindless process because it’s safe”, it’s “known”. Bless it, it thinks it's doing the right thing for you and sometimes it does. But remember, it is primitive and doesn't discern like your conscious attention does. So note when a change or adjustment is truly needed. Yes it means having to renew some processes and that takes time and effort. But it will be far less time and effort compared to “Do what you’ve always done get what you’ve always got”, hitting walls, getting frustrated, losing time and wasting effort with minimal ROI. That’s exhausting.

Intuitive guidance can direct you on the path of least resistance. Actually make the change a little easier, fancy that! But when it has to fight the ego wanting “status quo”, it won’t speak louder. It will simply stay present until you clear the repetitive loops and static noise in the behavior getting you nowhere fast. Learn to speak back to your ego, thank it for it’s care in wanting to keep you safe and comfortable, but that a healthy adjustment is now in process and we’ll be able to reach a familiar zone again soon. Your intuitive voice will certainly shine strong and have your back with that space you've created!

Practice applied awareness and minute tweaks in each of these and you’ll be contributing to more clear, clean, serene air time for you intuitive voice to resonate stronger and louder in you.

It’s up to us to reduce the internal noise, one step at a time, slowly but surely and intuition will be right there waiting for you. It always is! Blog post "3 ways to block your intuition - Part 2" will details more about how to create air time and turn up your intuitive volume again.

For a fun and dynamic way to hear about the battle between our intuition and ego, check out this short video where ego makes a guest appearance!! Subscribe to the Dr. Elizabeth Celi channel and stay current on the videos uploaded there regularly. Watch the ego at work here!!​

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