Master Yo' Inner Yogi ..... and have fun in the process!

Tired of starting meditation only to have it become too hard to maintain?

Raja Yoga
  • Does meditation become unmanageable and more effort than it needs to be?
  • That monkey chatter just keeps on making it difficult to still your mind?
  • You start , drop it, pick it up, drop it ...your "meditation" becomes a yo-yo frustration

Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Celi, psychologist, psychic and spiritual adviser. I guide people to turn their monkey mind into their personal super power

Simple meditation all too often becomes such a chore before you even reach the gate of it's superpowers. 

This meditation thing becomes hard work all too quickly. Too complicated. Tiring. You're already swamped with clients demanding it ALL, and yesterday. Another time waster is the last thing you need. You don't have enough time for lunch or to scratch yourself, let alone time to waste without results. 

Meditation was supposed to relax you, take your mind off things. You know, get you ready to face the day with more peace of mind. Dive into it all and enjoy it. Let stress become water off a ducks back. 

You're already swamped! That extra 15, 20, 30 minutes to master meditation is just not possible. A ready made regime to just DO would make life easier. No heavy theory about meditation customs, no ancient words that are so long they hurt your brain or a 10-step sequence that needs studying before you can actually DO it. Surely there's a routine that's simple and easy? Start, do, done. 

You desperately want to do it. You want to calm your nerves. Stop the noise in your head. But sitting still is a real problem. Stilling your mind is difficult.  That easy, quick regime mixed into your lifestyle feels so elusive.

What happened to having a no-fuss regime to stop your mind from racing? Block out the world's chaos, sit still and just clear your head?

Friends talk about doing meditation so easily. Two, three times a week or even everyday. They make it sound so straightforward. Are you doing something wrong? Did you miss something? You've tried a few styles AND tried a few times but it became a waste of money. 

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You've bought books, DVD's and audio programs. You've repeated those affirmations over and over. Tried doing it on the bus and train but wonder if people are looking at you strangely. Or wondering when those affirmation lists will ever end! Nothing is shifting inside. It drops off. Another disappointment.

You start with the best of intentions. You have the popular guru's downloads with their spiritual teachings and the calming voice you can handle. Chakra meditations and affirmations hold your attention for a while. Then you start compiling lists in your head. Shopping lists, calls at the office, priority tasks. It's just hopeless.

Meditation practice just doesn't factor in the pressure of an entrepreneur's life.

You work 80 hours for yourself so you don't have to work 40 hours for someone else. You organize your day a certain way to meet every demand. Responsibility for the livelihood of others is a lot of pressure. It's rewarding in many ways but if a job falls through, no-one is there to pay you a guaranteed salary. It's extremely stressful.

There's meditation for relaxation. Then there's meditation for the pressured entrepreneur.

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You're a savvy entrepreneur, you know that meditation will help you stress less, handle your clients demands more easily, simply have a better day. 

But just finding that 15 or 20 minutes to get it going, develop the habit, start the routine at least, is just impossible. There's no way you could do it during the day once the phone starts ringing and everyone who's anyone is expecting something from you. ​

 ​People are ringing, asking a 'quick' question, wanting that paperwork ASAP - as though there are no other projects going on with the same demands. Not to mention that every question, request, demand comes with it's own list of admin and logistics in the background. The demands are endless. The day melts by.

You know meditation can make your life easier but why is starting it not so easy? Each passing day that you DON'T get what you're yearning for - that calm, peace of mind, time out to relax, catch a breather and give your brain cells a moments rest - the more frustrated you get. You need the kind of meditation that's  manageable, effortless and doesn't ask you for MORE energy, but instead energizes you and inspires you to dive into your day. 

Common mistakes make meditation way less fun!

There are so many different forms and traditions of meditation. It's actually discouraging. Which one is best for you? Why do one over another? Let's simplify this to the important principles of meditation. First of all;

OCD, task master, monkey on my back

Sack you inner task master, even if temporarily so you can just start establishing a meditation routine!

Keep it simple. You actually don't need a bunch of theory BEFORE you DO the meditation practice.

Start with the path of least resistance using your five senses. Buddha style is NOT the be-all.

The basic - FUN! - principles of meditation

  • Presence
    Even if your monkey chatter is also present! There are ways to handle that monkey. They emerge while IN the presence of practicing meditation. 
  • Practice
    The practice IS the meditation! Meditation deepens IN practice. Note practice, not perfection! Perfection isn't a principle of meditation. Bliss however, is!
  • Play
    You'll visit some serious dimensions in meditation. But even they are fun, light energy. They literally are higher vibration zones, LIGHT! Playful practice works.

If the principles of meditation are so basic and fun, then why is it so hard to keep at it...

Of course starting meditation is like any activity, the first few times feels good and somewhat relaxing. Even if you're sitting there wondering, "Am I doing this right, is this it, is more supposed to be happening or what?"

In any meditation practice I've taken my clients through, there's two subconscious glitches that ALWAYS comes up. Initially, I see the ease, motivation is high, rewards are blissful. At it should be. But that's not the ultimate focus if they want a long term, easily repeatable routine to practice.  

Subconscious glitch number 1 rears its ugly head

The meditation practice hasn't begun to address the deeper, lingering psyche-static of the Buddha archetype. We all have a "wise one" archetype somewhere in our psyche, but how we build rapport with it needs specific attention. Having structured my meditations in a way that nurtures this glitch, your healthy, realistic inner Buddha can be consciously phased in to become the key support of your routine.

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But then ... subconscious glitch number 2 interrupts ...

If the shadow of the Buddha archetype and it's positive light not phased in during your meditation practice - which supports creating the foundation of the routine you desperately want as an everyday habit - then subconscious glitch number 2 is triggered.  

That is, the subconscious monkey chatter​ that takes the reigns and interrupts your consistency. Remember, we're working the subconscious realms. For the subconscious to support your regime, it needs around 21 days of consistent phasing in of your positive Buddha archetype while disciplining the monkey chatter. 

So with all the structure taken care of for you - get past the glitches, past the frustration of the yo-yo meditating and you Master Yo' Yogi!

So are you up for the Presence. Practice. Play challenge?!

Beginners Meditation Challenge for Entrepreneurs


The routine is all organized for you

You just focus on consistent presence. Build your Master Yogi foundation for your independent meditation


Get your daily meditation and peace of mind

Get more calmness, ease and effortless energy to dive on in and face your day 


More resilience with accumulated meditation

Less cranky, more centered, more positive energy to deal with hiccups off the cuff


Feel youthful again

With more focus, inspiration and a sharpened mind you can manage your time better 

Will you meet the challenge?!

  • 6am EST , five days a week, Monday to Friday for 4 weeks (Time Zone Converter)
  • 20 online guided meditations LIVE with Elizabeth. Audio only - starting with 15 minutes per day. Work up to 30 minutes max.
  • Online meditations in the comfort and convenience of your own space.**
  • Emailed to you every Friday - two simple Intuitive Meditation journaling exercises. Play time at your convenience for the weekend. 
  • Four weeks, 28 days - build your Yogi foundation and independent routine. 

** Please note, no replays of the individual guided meditations are sent. A complete compilation of all 20 meditations are provided as an online download only at the completion of the 4 week meditation challenge for the VIP package. Please allow 2-3 weeks for post production, some meditations will be channeled in alignment with those present on each 6am live call up to day 20.


Of course there's back up support, bonuses and resources to use as you please in and around your Beginners Meditation Challenge for Entrepreneurs

Flexible. Easy. As available as you want them to be. Use them as it suits you. No pressure. No time constraints.

  • Master Yo' Yogi closed Facebook Group - Q&A videos, peer support, boosts, success stories & other surprises!
  • eBook: "Your Soul Companion Guide - 365 Nudges from the Universe".  Written & channeled by Dr. Elizabeth Celi
  • Video eCourse: "Negative Karma Sux - want to clear it?". Ten videos (3-10 mins each) about clearing negative karma. 
  • ​Master Yo' Yogi weekly seminar - Four 45 minute teleconferences covering how to pragmatically develop your independent meditation regime after the 4 week challenge. Replays are sent.
  • Weekly seminar topics include: (1) Practical management of monkey chatter (2) Manage internal meditation energy shifts  (3) Fundamental pragmatics to making meditation a long term, lifestyle habit and (4) Meditation for relaxation compared to meditation for dimensional experiences. 

All the thinking is done for you ... just rock up to enjoy peace of mind and dive into your day with more ease.

Are you ready to meet the Beginners Meditation Challenge for Entrepreneurs? 

Are you done with frustrating yo-yo meditation and ready to Master Yo' Yogi?

Want to turn your monkey mind into your personal superpower?!​

100% Quality  Guaranteed


Dr. Elizabeth Celi 
Creator of Master Yo' Yogi

Psychologist, Psychic, Spiritual Adviser

Dr. Celi started her spiritual training at 17 years of age with her Maori spiritual teacher. Over 24 years since, her intensive study of theology, tarot alchemy of the ageless wisdom mystery schools and Hindu Raja Yoga practice resulted in Elizabeth being invited to India HQ for training among highly conscious yogi's.

Elizabeth meditates first thing every morning between 30-90 minutes and continuously deepens her clairaudient and claircognizant gifts. Her psychological and psychic skills support clients and company founders manage their personal karma shifts and the karmic energy matrix of their companies. Elizabeth is an intentional teacher of practical spirituality currently writing her 4th book in spiritual advancement due for release 2017/2018.

"But 15-30 minutes for 5 days a week is even too much for me commit"

Master Yo' Yogi starts with 15 minutes for 5 mornings because it will quite simply, start and be over before you know it. That power 15 minutes makes the pressured time you've got to get ready for work go much slower. So you actually feel like you have more time. Often times you DO END UP HAVING MORE TIME. The 15 minute investment creates more time thanks to how energy principles work. Einstein encapsulated it in his e=mc(2) equation, time is relative. We bend it in meditation! By the time you get to the 30 minute meditations in week 4, your mindset will have turned around from a "cost" of 30 minutes to a "high-yield-time-generator" of 30 minutes.  

"When I've tried meditation before, it's become too much of an effort"

Unfortunately this happens when the principles of meditation are not addressed in the other training programs. When only the logistics of meditation are the focus, it tends to be a set up for failure. Master Yo' Yogi addresses the principles from the word go. That's why the structure and logistics have been sorted out for you as a beginner with infusion of the principles throughout. Like your own industry has it's ruling principles that with your years of experience now guide how you prioritize your time and effort allocation, meditation does the same. Unfortunately they are all too often overlooked.

Is this Meditation Challenge truly for you?

This is a 4-week Meditation Challenge. Specifically designed to overcome common potholes that beginners face at common time points while establishing their independent meditation foundation and regime. It's important we maximize your success probability from the start. 

Yes, it is for you if...

  • 6 am EST (or your time zone equivalent) is a doable time for you, maybe challenging, but doable! 
  • You will allocate up to 20 minutes in weeks 1 and 2. You will allocate up to 30 minutes week 3 & 4.
  • You're prepared to turn all other technology/browsers OFF. Not on silent where the vibration can still jolt you, but completely OFF!
  • You are keen to rediscover your imagination and creative side, strengthening your right brains super charged connection with your left.
  • You are curious about what spaces you can explore during your meditation. Open mindedness is part of the subconscious re-programming.

No, it's not for you if...

  • You think you will miss MORE than one 6am meditation per week. Consistency is an important and key element.
  • You won't honor yourself with an uninterrupted 6:00-6:30am EST window for 20 days (or your time zone equivalent).
  • You're unable/unprepared to turn off all other technology. Conscious action with this is key in building a powerful presence quotient. 
  • You intend doing your daily meditation while driving or other tasks requiring your concentration. This is NOT a multi-tasking activity. 
  • The No Refund policy is unacceptable. This is a Meditation Challenge to get you past YOUR subconscious blocks. 

Master Yo' Yogi package options

How deep and detailed you go is up to you:

What you get:

​20 online guided audio meditations

6am EST. Mon-Fri, 4 weeks​

Two Intuitive Meditation journal exercises every Friday

Four weekly seminars on practical regime development

Master Yo' Yogi Closed facebook group and live videos.

eBook: "Your Soul Companion Guide"​

Video eCourse - 10 videos: "Negative Karma Sux -want to clear it?"​

Compilation of 20 meditations in an online download (allow 2-3 weeks production from week 4​)

Additional two weeks - Measure your mood & well-being​

 Complete online questionnaires gauging depression, anxiety, stress, health and well being (will take you 5-10 minutes ) at week 0, the end of week 2 and end of week 4​. (valued at $500)

Two 45-minute skype consults within two weeks of completing the Meditation Challenge (weeks 5 & 6) - Analysis and verbal report of your questionnaire scores and most important, your changes over time. (valued at $485)

Email support from Week 0 through to the end of Week 6. (allow 24 hours response in light of time zone differences)

Standard package

Standard package investment

​$ 299 USD

Early bird for standard package

Expires Thursday ​23rd February 6pm EST

$249 USD​

VIP package

​VIP package investment

​$ 599 USD

Early bird for VIP package

Expires Thursday ​23rd February 6pm EST

$499 USD​

100% Quality Guaranteed


100% Quality Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Quality-Guarantee. Attentive, focused and targeted meditation, training and support for entrepreneurs is our 100% commitment to you over this Meditation Challenge.

Because of this commitment, there is a strict No Refund Policy. This Meditation Challenge is designed to get you past the week 2 potholes and into creating your regime. This requires a 100% commitment on both our parts. If by the end of week 2 (half way through) you have attended all 10 meditations and you don't get some ease and clearer thinking just let us know no later than 5pm EST Sunday 12th March 2017 and you can transfer the balance of your investment (up to $300 USD max.) on receiving one personal psychic reading of your choice of equal or lesser value in place of the remaining 14 days (or 28 days for VIP packages). Please note this offer will not apply after 5pm EST Sunday 12th March 2017.

Should the transfer of the balance for your psychic reading be requested, membership in the closed facebook group, remaining seminars and program offerings in week 3 through week 6 will be forfeited. The eBook and video eCourse remain yours for your ongoing personal development.

Yours in Soulful living,

Dr. Celi

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this challenge for 4 weeks but meditations are only Monday to Friday?

Why are individual replays not sent after each meditation?

Why do Master Yo' Yogi and why Dr. Celi? 

Why is the compilation download of meditations not available straight away?

What happens after the 4 week challenge is over?

Why is there a strict No Refund policy?

P.S.: The Master Yo' Yogi program is not offered on a consistent or regular basis. It may be offered again in 2017 however that will be an intuitive decision in light of other programs planned for launch and the intensive commitment of Founder's company business energy analyses. Consider this round of the Master Yo' Yogi 4 week Beginners Meditation Challenge for Entrepreneurs so you can get on with applied practice over 2017!

Yes, I want to start getting my peace of mind, calm and ease to positively face my day now!