Mercury Retrograde August/Sept 2016


We are entering our 3rd, of 4, Mercury Retrogrades on August 30th 2016. It’s time to be aware of the energetic friction that can interfere with day to day things for the energy sensitive Entrepreneur Soul.

What is a Mercury Retrograde?


Mercury Retrograde 2016

In short, because Mercuries orbit is less than a third of the Earth’s 365 day orbit, once Mercury passes Earth and ends up on the other side of the sun, our perception and energetic relationship with it has us experience Mercury in a sort of “hitting the brakes and going into slow motion reverse” for 3 – 3.5 weeks. The “slow motion reverse” is Mercury actually sitting in it’s orbital shadow as it’s quantum travel mechanics does it’s thing!

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde, what with scrambled communications, crossed wires and “static” in our situations (literally & metaphorically), actually provides us an incredible opportunity supported by our planetary energy.

In our busy world we’re encouraged and supported (overtly & covertly) to “go, go, go ……. do, do, do”. Well, that will make things harder for us if we PUSH like that during a Mercury Retrograde. Instead, a Mercury Retrograde supports us to be introspective, reflect on our shadow side, clean and clear out old situations, paperwork, junk & stuff that you’ve had inklings are no longer relevant and now clutters your space. Instead, truly nurture your energy from the inside out, mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, your physical bodies and conscious meditation reflection.

Make the most of this opportunity to DO INTERNAL clearing & cleansing work that will Centre you.

It will set your mindset & develop your MINDFUL platform to springboard you into action (emergencies aside) as we come out of the Retrograde. If you choose to be mindless at this time, Mercury Retrograde won’t let you get away with it as easily. Mobile texting/talking while driving or walking the streets is dangerous anyhow, even more so during a Retrograde. Good time to mindfully change that habit at least! Look for any other equivalent tweaks where your attention needs to be more attuned and sharp than usual.

introspection, reflection, don't make big decisions

Enjoy this time of deeper cleansing, fishing out your shadow and shining the light of your self-awareness onto it. This way you will see how it no longer serves and how you can start making choices and actions to dissolve and resolve it, renewing yourself. Hello refreshed and up-leveled YOU as we exit Mercury Retrograde and springboard with less baggage, psychically and physically!

After all, the planet Mercury is in retrograde…it’s going ‘back’ into its orbital shadow! What can be more supportive than our interconnected galaxy and its planet of Mercury moving in its shadow with the Suns supportive force guiding it!?! Remember Mercury is the planet of mind, communications, self conscious awareness. 

Make the most of this Mercury Retrograde for your introspection and inner cleansing Entrepreneur Souls

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