What do negative karmic patterns actually look like?

Below are listed but a few examples of how negative karmic patterns can try to get your attention!

  • difficult relationships that come at a cost to your self esteem, self confidence, finances or quality of life. A happy relationship doesn't need to be that hard.
  • feeling "stuck" or "restricted" in some way
  • financial difficulties where you're just in catch up mode or forever trying to get ahead. No sooner does money come in that something comes up for it to go out! It's tiring. Money is energy and CAN flow into your life without such strain.
  • ongoing body symptoms that despite giving it loving therapeutic attention and care, they persist in "aggravating" or "limiting" you. Our body is such a wonderful barometer for any blocks in our energy flow. 
  • challenging behaviours from your kids or your children having trouble sleeping. Parenting is challenging but it doesn't have to be draining.
  • difficulties sleeping, insomnia, nightmares or night terrors. Sleep is a time for organizing the psyche and rejuvenating our body systems. Dreams are a part of that but not to the point that it negatively interrupts sleep. 
  • "broken record" or "groundhog day" experiences showing up one time too many. 

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