Online Power Psych sessions

30 minute online power psych consult - in and out

Focused, practical, solution oriented - step past a block and be on your way

A professional psychologist at the ready, who is:

  • Objective & removed from your problem
  • Can remain unbiased and focused for you
  • Qualified to find the snag and root cause
  • Gives you fair, reasonable & relevant doses of tough love, if needed
  • Uncovers action steps with you to fix the issues

Well, all that combined in Dr. Celi 100% attentively listening to your concerns and actively solving problems with you, pure and simply cuts the crap of your problem lasting longer than it should.

Stressed, stress, overwhelm, confusion

When you're in the middle of the "energy war" of confusion, overwhelm, stress and can't tell the trees from the forest, the Power Psych session is ready and waiting to clear the "prickly shrubs and blind spots" and get you back on track.

There's just no need for a problem to stick around, drag you down and linger for longer than necessary.

Acknowledging your emotions is one thing, swimming in them and giving them TOO much attention is another.

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Better to get past it, move it on and action forward

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