What DO psychics do and how? Part 1 of 2

A psychic is an interpreter of energy.

When there’s a language which is not your mother tongue, you hire an interpreter to verbally translate it and a translator to do the same in written form. The psychic does the same with intangible psychic energy from your higher frequencies of operation.

What kind of energy does the psychic interpret?

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Psychic energy is intuitive and spiritual energy. The kind of energy that goes beyond ONLY your five senses. Although intuitive and spiritual energy USE your five senses as helpful channels, signal receptors and signal providers, indicating that it’s “around”!

Psychic energy is the kind of energy you end up referring to as your “gut feeling”…. “I just knew” …… “something was prompting me, don’t know what it was but I knew I had to follow it” and other variations. 

Eventually and with practice, you start knowing what it is and recognizing how it signals you.

Intuitive and spiritual energy is in the intangible space of energy. Much like electricity is to a light bulb. You KNOW the electricity exists, but you can’t see it. You “see it” through the light bulb acting as the channel and you feel it through the heat that the light bulb lets off.

Our Intuition is a deep true KNOWING because it comes from spiritual sources. Both intuition and the spiritual realms are very much like electricity. They are both energy forms harnessed in different ways.

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The light bulb in this case is the “psychic” channel for picking up the energy signals. Then transforming them into words where you can understand what it’s trying to convey to you more directly. A verbal message, a visual image, a sensation.

Much like electrical energy is captured through the light bulb, a human psychic captures the intangible intuitive and spiritual energy through their inner senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and/or claircognizance. These are different “channels” or modes the psychic can SENSE the energy with. It can be one of them or a combination of them for any given psychic. It depends on what is stronger for that psychic.

What is the difference between clairaudient, clairvoyance etc?

As a youngster my clairsentience and clairaudience were strongest. Clairsentience was getting a “feeling”, inside or around me where the energy was palpable. It would carry a valence, emotion or thought with it. Over time, interpreting what it meant and what it was signalling was part of stepping into my psychic skill in this form.

Clairaudient wise, I “heard” inner messages while doing other activities or interacting with someone. Without knowing at the time but I recognize it more now, I had a lot of practice with my father who had trouble verbally expressing himself. Despite that, I both felt his heart message and “heard” the words he didn’t say but wanted to. As a youngster it wasn’t confusing at all, it was just another means of non-verbally communicating with my Dad.

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As adults, when we become more intellectual, all this started becoming confusing because of different social norms and processes. As a youngster it occurred more randomly and naturally. In developing my intellectual side over my young adult years, it simultaneously developed my wisdom. Discernment to harmoniously allow both my soulful, inner senses to continue guiding me in combination with introducing intellectual, reasoning that complemented it rather than overshadowed it.

If you’re wondering if clairaudient messages are like schizophrenic hallucinations, no they are not.

Clairaudient messages aren’t intrusive, demanding or undermining as auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia are. Clairaudience messages are guidance or insights that are gentle, non-imposing and clear in substance. Nor do clairaudient messages disconnect a psychic from reality as we know it or interrupt their ability to function and continue doing whatever activity they are doing. Schizophrenia creates such disconnect, disordered thinking and sadly much difficulty for the sufferer in staying in tune and on par with reality as we all know it. The differences are obvious when observing a person suffering from schizophrenia.

After 24 years of spiritual training, practice and meditation, my clairvoyance – inner visions – and claircognizance – clear thought messages – opened up in my psychic processes. Now, whatever psychic channel “speaks to me” depends on the person I’m reading for and how it helps them. I’m free and mindful within myself to let it emerge as is best for the client. The psychic energy simply becomes present. The messages received for clients have a distinct energy compared to when it’s present as a message for me. This is because what comes in knows it’s being directed for the ears of my client. It’s subtle, but that’s why I’m a psychic!

Is one “Clair” channel better than another?

In short, no. All of the “clair” channels are useful and all bring the information you will ultimately need. Its form of being “captured” by the psychic is really not important as such. A psychic captures the energy data and expresses that information as it comes to them and it will always be relevant and useful for you because its channeling is intended for you. The psychic is simply the conduit.

What blocks and restrictions are holding you back?

Because the psychic doesn’t know the ins and outs of your life, and they don’t need to, the information they convey is in its rawest form. The images, the words, the inner sensations are captured and relayed to you. This information is both symbolic and direct.

Symbolic such that once you hear it YOU KNOW what the psychic means even if they don’t. For example, they see an animal, place or an object that was a meaningful connection between you and someone/something in your life. The message of that symbol, person or moment is relevant for you to draw on now for the question/problem at hand. Other times it’s more direct like “Your deceased grandmother has a message for you”.

Until such time as you build your own inner antennas to detect and receive this information, if you so choose, a psychic is the professional channel and resource to do it on your behalf. When you ask.

It is inappropriate for a psychic to simply say they received a message for you when you didn’t ask them. I will write another article about this. However please be mindful if you happen to have put out an unspoken question with such desire and intention that it got answered by someone who could detect it! It is psychic energy after all, so the more aware you are of you own self talk the better!

Next week I’ll post part 2 of this article to highlight three reasons and benefits to utilizing a psychic’s skill set.

Until then, please feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comments below. Blessings to you Entrepreneur Soul.

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