What DO Psychics do? And how? Part 2 of 2

Hey there Entrepreneur Souls, welcome back to part 2 of the article “What DO psychics do and HOW?”

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In part 1 we covered the basics of how psychics are interpreters of intuitive and spiritual energy on your behalf. The various channels psychics can use were also detailed. Including clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance. Click here to read part 1.

These inner senses are available to all of us. We are all wonderful souls having a human experience. We all have a soul blueprint with our soul level profile that guides and supports us in the way we can manifest and create what we want most easily and abundantly.

So why doesn’t everyone just tap in to their intuition and spiritual data?

Well they could, with practice, disciplined meditation and prioritizing of self-awareness and self-honesty. There are many and varied ways that people can do this and eventually it unfolds. It may be sooner for some and later in life for others. We’re all students of life and experiences are our classroom.

In the meantime, if it’s not a high priority for you to do this yourself because for YOU, it’s more of a priority to channel your energy in different ways, like being a chef, architect, nurse, builder, surgeon, that’s absolutely ok. There are psychics to support you and it IS high on their priorities of study and action in how they BE AND DO in their own life path. Primarily applying their skills for the enlightenment of others.

Why bother going to a psychic for information you can gather yourself?

1. Monkey chatter

Firstly, many people have too much monkey chatter and reliance on physical sensory input to really be receptive to the subtle psychic energies that we’re talking about. You can do it but it’ll take disciplined training to decipher what is your intuition (psychic energy on the 5th dimension) and what is your ego (mental and emotional energy on the 4th dimension).

Developing self-awareness and self management is the beginning to tuning in to your inner self talk, especially self defeating and self sabotaging self talk. These are the more difficult ones to tune into through the static of our thinking and feeling for day to day activity but it can be done. As this self awareness develops, mindfulness and ​meditation continue to develop and deepen your connection and practice of not only hearing monkey chatter, but understanding it and becoming the master of it. 

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2. Psychics are built for and attuned to doing this work​, normally since childhood

Secondly, psychics, mediums and spiritual healers have a calling to do this work. Just like everyone is not meant to be a doctor, lawyer, financier, not everyone is meant to be a psychic and spiritual healer on behalf of others either. The latter are light workers and it’s a heart and soul vocation that is grounded in our day to day personal and professional development.

We wake up thinking about it and then it infuses most of what we do in our day. What psychics and spiritual healers do in their personal and professional development comes without needing to find motivation to do it. It is simply DONE and their skill developed and refined. A day without practicing the foundations of energy connection would be unusual for a healer called to this work.

Additionally, a psychic, medium or spiritual healer’s soul profile is such that they have inherent skills and gifts in this space. So their starting point for DOING this work is akin to a child who just has an innate musical talent and picks up playing the piano in a day (so to speak) before they even learn the alphabet.

In this way, psychics have been able to develop and be ahead of the sensitivity curve to do the work they do. Like an accountant, lawyer, barista or surveyor are ahead of the knowledge curve and we go to gain from their expertise. Psychics go through their own professional development and fine tuning to continue deepening their connection and their clarity on the signals they receive. Signals and messages on your behalf including professionally succinct ways to communicate it to you in your reading.

Much like the very high probability that a budding scientist had their own microscope and many science kits since a young age. For psychics, similar tools and practices came into their lives without question. Often having started out as a fascinating hobby and simply enjoyed. Which naturally supported the development of their gift. They just did it and continue to do it! Therefore they can tune in much more easily, quickly and efficiently.

You go to a personal trainer to get to the heart of your fitness. You go to an accountant to get your taxes sorted. You go to a psychic to tune in to your soul profile, calling and spiritual guidance.

​3. They are professionally objective and healthily detached from your situation

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Lastly, in the way that a surgeon can’t operate on a family member or how a business owner calls a business coach/consultant to get clarity about parts or all of their business, a psychic does the same with the psychic energy that you’re right in the middle of.

Think about it, you have your own thoughts rushing around in your mind right alongside the emotional rivers (sometimes storms and torrents) that accompany it. Especially with regard to things of high value and meaning to you.

That’s a lot of energy you’re in the middle of and experiencing day to day. While trying to live, achieve and get through each day in your working and personal life. Seeing the trees from the forest can be difficult to decipher in your energy space. Differentiating the energy of your thoughts, emotions, karmic signals and intuitive signals - let alone the intended message from the higher realms. Consider they all operate at the speed of light, literally, and tuning in takes that practice and self-discipline mentioned earlier.

Getting a reading from a psychic

What blocks and restrictions are holding you back?

Remember, psychic energy is pure, raw intuitive and spiritual data intended as a message for you in relation to your question/s.

A psychic is a channel of that energy and speedily interprets the intended data because they’ve learnt how to “read” the signals through their strengthened “clair…” skills and gifts. That’s why it’s called “getting a reading from a psychic”.

Keep in mind that psychics are another resource for providing information and guidance to you from more subtle levels of energy that won’t shout to be heard. The psychic however is the amplifier and the conduit for you.

Allow them to enlighten you.

Your​s in Soulful Living,

Elizabeth Celi - Psychologist, Psychic, Spiritual Teacher​

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