Meditation: Sharing 2 minutes with the candle flame

Guided meditaiton

The every day candle, symbolic of celebration on Birthdays, Christmas or other symbolic festivities we've come to celebrate together. 

Meditation is an obvious space candles lend themselves too. Their golden light, their flickering glow, their gentle ambiance.

When was the last time you simply engaged with the flame of the candle? Have you noticed the way it sways and dances? Ever so gently and gracefully.

Have you noticed how it's shape tapers up from it's rounded base to it's pointy tip? Smooth and stable at the bottom to flickering, flame-fingers that change as quickly as we noticed them!​

Then there are the divine colors. So subtle, so easy to miss but for our keen eyes. Both our physical eye and our inner eye as we meditate on the gentle powerful flame more and more.

Enjoy this 2 minute meditation of the candle flame - click the image for your meditation. I invite you to embrace all of the candles elements and more.

Did you notice anything else? Please share your experience in the comments below 🙂 ​

Elizabeth Celi

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