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Five lessons, 10 videos: How we clear negative karma & connect with your intuition

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A quick welcome video to set you on path with this 5-lesson, 10 video e-course on how

"Negative Karma Sucks - want to clear it?" 

Lesson 1-1: Soul Profile

Duration: 8:40 mins

Your Soul Profile reading is a powerful tool revealing your unique soul level strengths. How your Soul was created to manifest most easily. 

Lesson 2-1: What is our Soul?

Duration: 6:37 mins

​What animates our heart, lungs and brain chemistry to do it's work, involuntarily? What does our Soul Matrix have to do with anything?

Lesson 3-1: Intuition Portal

Duration: 10:31 mins 

What is our Soul's equivalent to the www? Strengthen your relationship with your Soul, consciously. 

Lesson 4-1: Karma what??!

Duration: 6:07 mins

How does this Karma thing work? It's actually a 'thing' when they say it goes around and comes around? Example given with a Life Situation Reading.

Lesson 5-1: Spirituality?

Duration: 11:00 mins 

What is Spirituality exactly? Is it all that woo-woo stuff or is it tangible? We are touched and moved into action by spiritual energy more than we realize.

Lesson 1-2: Negative karma

Duration: 5:55 mins

Discover how your Akashic Record Soul Re-calibration uncovers negative karma "stuck" in your vibration

Lesson 2-2: Soul Action

Duration: 6:49 mins 

​Soul activity becomes operational through our 8 chakras over 3 energy bodies. We have a 24-channel energy system! 

Lesson 3-2: Connecting UP!

Duration: 5:37 mins

Intuition - your personal Wi-Fi to your Higher Self and Soul. A step by step process to conversing with your Soul.

Lesson 4-2: Karma that sucks

Duration: 5:49 mins 

What does negative karma look like in our day to day? How does it actually "come around" and how do we resolve it?

Lesson 5-2: A Practical Soul

Duration: 9:59 mins 

Action is the ultimate form of spiritual practice. But which actions really harness our soulful, spiritual vibes to evolve our business and our lives?

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