Life Lesson curriculum with your Chakra Analysis

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Do you find it difficult to feel refreshed despite getting enough sleep?

Do certain areas or relationships in your life knock the wind out of you, more than you’d expect?

Is it difficult to ‘get on top of things’ despite your best efforts?

Your chakra circulation could be out of balance and creating “rip tides” or “black holes” in your energy system.

Your chakra system is your energetic circulation. Like your blood circulation for your physical body.

It is through your chakras that you receive vital force energy from divine source. This improves your vitality, sense of well-being and overall energy balance.

Your 8-chakra system spans over three of your energy bodies

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1. Your mental body – influencing your thoughts and thinking

2. Your emotional body – influencing your emotions and feelings

3. Your physical body – influencing your bodily systems (except for the 8th chakra which is technically not positioned in our physical body)

So if any chakra is out of balance in any one of these energy bodies, you're going to feel like you're walking through mud, your tasks or decisions feel harder than they should be and your motivation feels like it went into exile. 

Each of the 8 chakras is an energy “plug” influencing specific areas of your life

Your 4th chakra influences self-love and therefore your relationships.

Your 2nd chakra influences your energy toward making money form your business efforts, creating the tangible results you want with your business goals and personally, having a healthy sex life

Other chakras influence your intuitive connection, your ability to communicate effectively or your personal sense of empowerment.

When one of our chakras is over active or under active, it can manifest into various functional difficulties, such as;

relationship chakra
  • feeling ungrounded
  • financial issues
  • low self esteem, feeling "stuck" or uncertain
  • perfectionism
  • lack of motivation
  • difficulty planning
  • difficulty manifesting abundance or joy easily
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Physically these can manifest as;

  • ​workaholism, client difficulties, team challenges
  • excess mind chatter and racing thoughts 
  • strain or conflict in your relationships
  • toxic family relationships
  • inactive or dissatisfying sex life, fertility issues
  • a variety of physical ailments of symptoms that your body "chooses" because of blocked energy flow (like cholesterol blocks or obstructs our arteries)

These are signals that something is “off”, your body is asking you to pay attention.

By the time you experience physical symptoms, the chakra imbalances at your mental and emotional levels have already been strained.

Choices you've made have inadvertently kept your chakras imbalanced. So you’ve leaked energy to the point of manifesting physical symptoms.

How do you know what choices will help to re-balance your chakras?

It depends on which chakra is affected.

This is where an 8-chakra analysis can be of assistance.

The specific chakra imbalances that show up can tell us where you are focused in your life. In the case of imbalances, where you are over focused or not focused enough!

A chakra analysis can reveal what choices are keeping you energetically imbalanced and therefore what specific choices will unblock your chakra energy. Unblocking these imbalances will allow your chakras to flow and bring an influx of powerful energy into your thinking and emotions, which means your actions will be easier and more effortless. 

A chakra realignment is a breath of fresh air bringing clearer thinking and regulated emotional responses. Re-balancing your chakras will help you regain motivation and rediscover a sense of direction with more clarity. The vitality that flows more easily through your body can minimize unnecessary physical symptoms that can have you waste time, energy and money to correct.

How does a Chakra Analysis work?

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  • ​Once you order your Chakra Analysis, you will receive an email requesting the information I need to access your Akashic Record and conduct the chakra analysis
  • At that time we will also schedule your one hour, online consult for the deliver of your Chakra Analysis
  • During your consult, we will discuss your Chakra imbalances revealed in your Reading and determine what tweaks and adjustments are needed to prevent the imbalance remaining or repearing
  • After all, that's what the chakra under-activity or over-activity was signalling to you in the first place right? These adjustments don't have to be big or difficult in order to create and maintain your renewed balance. 
  • A list of specific action steps and/or energy tweaks 100% relevant to you will be generated 
  • You will receive home play activities to support your action steps process after the reading. Don't worry, it will be fun and easy!
  • You will also receive an mp3 audio file of your consult to further support you

The Chakra Analysis combined with your Life Lessons Reading provides a comprehensive review of:

  • What your Soul came here to experience and how that empowers you to live your life Purpose in a fulfilled way with vitality
  • What Chakra imbalances are creating "drag" in your energy circulation, making it more difficult than necessary to fulfill your Primary and Secondary Life Lessons

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Combine your Life Lessons with your Chakra reading

$ 299 USD

Our lifestyle choices (conscious, semi-conscious and unconscious choices) influence our chakra system daily. If you continue to make negative choices continue, including negative choices in difficult circumstances that go against your divine nature, then prepare for your chakra's to become imbalanced.

Rebalancing your chakras can be the service and tune up your energetic system and physical ailments require to support all your chakras to operate in unison. Our chakras energetic flow certainly keep us accountable to making choices that work FOR us and not AGAINST us.

I look forward to being of service to you and your energy healing.