Chakra analysis with your Life Lessons Reading

What blocks and restrictions are holding you back?

What Primary Life Lesson maximizes your effort as an entrepreneur?

What life lessons can guide how you make the MOST of your time AND get greater satisfaction?

What primary energy did your Soul choose to experience in this lifetime?

​As an entrepreneur,  you breathe, live and dream about your business. "How do I provide my service and still have time for myself? How do I best market my new product? What do I develop next to satisfy my customers?"

What's the road map to help you experience yourself and your entrepreneurial enterprise, as you were meant to?  Experience your life, your business, in it's full power and in a way that will be most fulfilling to you?

Our Soul incarnates into our physical body to fully experience itself as a third dimensional being. To experience itself in physical form, alongside all the choices and creative action that comes with. Choices and actions that keep your business alive, profitable and top of mind to your customers. 

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This might be difficult to believe, but all that wasn't meant to be a struggle. It's actually meant to be a pleasure!

Let's face it, running a business becomes a series of tasks to be completed, struggles to be overcome, one problem after another to solve (or get through!), just so you can get on with living your life the way you wanted to all along.

At the end of the day, you're partially satisfied but crave more fulfillment. It's as though business has become a classroom with hurdle after hurdle to overcome. It can be more stressful and intense than we want it to be, which leaves you questioning "what's this all about?"

Your business wasn't meant to be a burden. Your life itself wasn't designed to play out that way either. What if it didn't HAVE to be this way? 

You choose to live as an entrepreneur because you love the flexibility and choice it brings you. Make sure it's also a delight and joyful along the way, not a drag on your time and energy. Choosing to experience the many aspects of our primary and supporting life lessons, the highest possible vibration of our life lessons so you live in alignment with your Higher Self, was and is the plan. 

Where do you even begin in making sure you experience the delight and joy your Soul was meant to experience in this lifetime? That your Soul wants to express through your entrepreneurial practice and business delivery?

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Applying your primary life lessons to your business, to your evolving products, services and processes, serving your clients in more fun and engaging ways AND keeping your own personal lifestyle on track, can double your efficiency and bring priceless satisfaction to your business game. 

What Life Lesson did you as a Soul choose to experience in this physical lifetime? How can that benefit your business actions, your profits, your satisfaction?

It doesn't stop there either! Your Soul chose a set of Secondary Life Lessons, a curriculum of sorts, that round out the experience of your Primary Life Lesson. The support is there, let's tap in!

Discover through your Life Lesson Reading:

Karma, choice, consequence, free will, soul, psychic
  • What is your Primary Life Lesson?
  • What are your supporting Secondary Life Lessons?
  • In what specific way is each lesson "showing up" in your life?
  • Are they playing out in one or more areas of your life? Such as your financial life, your profession, your primary relationship, your friendships, your personal development?
  • Are there any energy lessons that are now "old news" to your Soul? Your Soul is done with them. If so, now you get to experience new options for what you intend for your business and life. 
  • What new Life Lesson is your soul embarking upon to experience as fully as possible?

Our Soul incarnated into our physical body to experience itself fully, in it's full glory, in it's full power. No need to chase your tail and play guessing games as to HOW it chose to do that.

A Life Lesson reading will open up your awareness so you can consciously participate in your own experience, live it powerfully in your business decisions and tap in to the more joyful and prosperous way to manifest.

Find what opens up your purpose and fulfillment in this lifetime. Maximize your experience of your Primary Life Lesson with the best use of your time, decisions and actions in you business with balance in your life.

The Chakra Analysis combined with your Life Lessons Reading provides a comprehensive review of:

  • What your Soul came here to experience and how that empowers you to live your life Purpose in a fulfilled way
  • What Chakra imbalances are creating "drag" in your energy circulation, making it more difficult than necessary to fulfil your Primary and Secondary Life Lessons

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