Akashic Record Soul Reading

Tired of spinning your wheels and feeling blocked by "invisible walls"?

Feel like life has been "static" for too long?

At a cross roads and want clarity on your Soul Purpose & Spiritual Psychology?

Welcome to your exclusive Akashic Record Soul Reading - where you can uncover your soul purpose and spiritual truth in a practical, grounded way.

stress, frustrations, problems

46 lifetimes ago he created an organization imposing excess conditions on members with an intense energy of CONDITIONALITY. It became a subconscious "weed" in his vibration & entered this lifetime. The energy repeated itself in his current life marriage by accepting excessive conditional love, becoming jaded with relationships & blocking income capacity.

Strengths, weaknesses, business plan

Her decision 23 lifetimes ago to sacrifice her work out of guilt created a karmic block (or subconscious "weed")  with an energy of LOSS , following her into this lifetime. It showed by letting her business ideas "get lost in the ether" before prospering from them, leaving her dissatisfied and stuck.

Live your spiritual potential by understanding the specifics of your Soul Profile and exactly what negative karma is holding you back

What blocks and restrictions are holding you back?

What karmic blocks and subconscious "weeds" in your spiritual psychology are attracting repeated frustrations, stress and overwhelm in your relationships, your business processes and toward attracting money?

What is stopping you from easily and powerfully applying your true soul level gifts and strengths of spiritual psychology in your every day manifesting? 

There's never been a better time to re-connect with who you are at soul level and apply your spiritual psychology in your business and lifestyle.

Become crystal clear on what choices are congruent and incongruent with your unique soul blueprint. Create the life of prosperity, health and peaceful love that you're seeking. 

Negative karma shows up as;

  • attracting difficult relationships and partners that come at a cost to your self esteem, self confidence, finances, quality of life. A happy relationship doesn't need to be that hard to create.
  • attracting challenging behaviours from your kids. Parenting is challenging but it doesn't have to be draining.
  • Financial difficulties where you're just in catch up mode or forever trying to get ahead. It's tiring. Money is energy and can flow into our lives without such stress and strain

The simple and powerful tool of your Akashic Record Reading reveals the truth about your soul identity and empowers you to make choices to manifest in alignment with your highest path and purpose.

​What clients say about their Reading

A personal reading of your Akashic Record is exclusive to who you are at Soul level. No one is built like you. Your spiritual psychology is your gift and strength.

M. WongDoctor of Chinese Medicine

Dr. Celi's Akashic reading was spot on. I gained clarity and understanding of choices I make and actions I do from a new perspective. She was able to highlight and give meaning to certain feelings and thought patterns that I have questioned internally but never mentioned outwardly. In two words, it has been self empowering. Thank you Dr. Celi.

Your investment 

$397 USD 

Once you order your session, you will receive an email from our office asking you for certain information I need to do your soul level reading.

It takes up to 2 hours to collect your exclusive Akashic Record soul profile data and karma blocks & restrictions. This  will be collected and collated prior to our online consult. 

In our email correspondence, we will also schedule your online consult - please leave aside 1.5 hours - where I will deliver your Akashic Record reading to you. 

After your online consult, you will also receive

1. Your downloadable MP3 file of your reading to listen to at anytime you want.

2. Your customized 21-day clearing specific to your reading

​3. Two online videos supporting your clearing and transformation process

4. Two 30 minute online consult check-ins (in week 2 and 3 post-delivery) to monitor key energy clearing ​uncovered in your reading.

BONUS GIFT for you:

Your initial email upon registering for your Foundation reading will also contain a link for lifetime access to the Karma and Intuition eCourse. This contains 10 short videos to watch at your leisure and support your understanding of how the energy dynamics of your soul blueprint, spiritual psychology, intuition and karma work. The home of your Jolts that Last and source energy to Scale your Soul.

Rest assured that all personal and business information will be kept strictly private and confidential.

I look forward to being of Soul service to you.​