Akashic Psychology

  1. Akasha (n.) - sanskrit word referring to the ether or "space"
  2. Akashic Record (n.) - the recording of all one's choices and consequences, encoded as energy-data in the non-physical plane of existence, i.e., in the Akasha 
  3. Akashic Psychology (n.) - the correspondence of Akasha energy data with your personal thoughts and feelings.

12 lifetimes ago she sacrificed work she loved and with ongoing guilt, created a negative karmic pattern with an energy of LOSS. The core energies remained unchanged and became a "short circuit" in her intuitive frequency. Energy never dies so the "short circuit" of LOSS recreated itself in her current life. Showing up as her business ideas leaking money faster than she could earn it. A "broken record" that chipped away at her self-confidence.

I am drawn to helping you uncover the root cause of your problems.

Are you ready to understand the hot buttons of your negative karmic patterns?

Are you ready to transform the blocked energy, those "broken records", into karmic positive patterns that bring you more of what you want in your life?

And of course less of what you don’t want!

As Einstein taught us, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Let me guide you through the depths of your energy healing as we re-calibrate your inner compass.

lifetimes ago he created an organization imposing excessive conditions on members creating a negative energy pattern of CONDITIONALITY. Initial attempts to change it didn't shift his core energy blocks and so by natural physics it recreated itself into the energy matrix in his current life. This time it showed itself in a marriage full of high expectations and restricted income he could only access through 'strangling' conditions. Talk about de-motivating and no fun!

Stressed, stress, overwhelm, confusion
Michael, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner

Dr. Celi's Akashic reading was spot on. I gained clarity and understanding of choices I make and actions I do from a new perspective. She was able to highlight and give meaning to certain feelings and thought patterns that I have questioned internally but never mentioned outwardly. In two words, it has been self empowering. Thank you Dr. Celi.

Your online Akashic Psychology Reading involves one complete month of structured energy detox and energy renewal through 1-on-1 psychic healing and psychological coaching. 

We RE-calibrate those redundant negative energy patterns with the positive energy patterns of your True Self, your true Akashic Psychology.

Investment for your all inclusive Akashic Psychology Reading

$397 USD


Upon registering for your Akashic Psychology Reading, you will get immediate and lifetime access to the Karma and Intuition eCourse in addition to your one month of psychic and psychological healing.

This eCourse contains 10 short videos to watch at your leisure. Each video contains detailed information of your Akashic Psychology physics. Most importantly, I discuss how this physics translates into your practical intuition and mastering your gut feelings for every day life.

I invite you to consider your Akashic Psychology detox and transformation.