Akashic Psychology

  1. Akasha (n.) - sanskrit word referring to the ether or "space"
  2. Akashic Record (n.) - the recording of all one's choices and consequences, encoded as energy-data in the non-physical plane of existence, i.e., in the Akasha 
  3. Akashic Psychology (n.) - the correspondence of Akasha energy data with your personal thoughts and feelings.

Overlooked for promotion, the car kept breaking down, her son's challenging behaviours ramped up and her mother became difficult to communicate with. These seemingly unrelated events turned out to have TWO main energetic root causes.

A maternal, genetic imprint descending three generations influenced the car and relationship with her mother. A negative intention placed on her triggered the career stagnation and her son's behaviours. Transforming these two distortions at their energetic root opened up the "closed door" in her career advancement, got finances flowing and stopped the emotional drainage.

I am drawn to helping you uncover the root cause of your problems.

Are you ready to understand the hot buttons of your negative karmic patterns?

Are you ready to transform the blocked energy, those "broken records", into karmic positive patterns that bring you more of what you want in your life?

And of course less of what you don’t want!

As Einstein taught us, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Let me guide you through the depths of your energy healing as we re-calibrate your inner compass.

He was walking on eggshells, his business partner was stressing him out, his client retention and profits were drying up and he became concerned with "performance issues". Diving in past the surface layers into the underlying energetic root cause revealed ONE underlying negative karmic pattern. Only ONE!

Turns out an energetic bargain he'd made to cope early in his career, which served him well THEN, had NOW became a thorn in his side with his updated career goals. Re-calibrating the pattern of that bargain saved him months (if not years) of finding the "needle in the haystack".  That one core energetic "short circuit" was rewired, reducing his daily strain and increasing his pleasurable exchanges as he came up to speed with his changed career ambitions.

Michael, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner

Dr. Celi's Akashic reading was spot on. I gained clarity and understanding of choices I make and actions I do from a new perspective. She was able to highlight and give meaning to certain feelings and thought patterns that I have questioned internally but never mentioned outwardly. In two words, it has been self empowering. Thank you Dr. Celi.

Your online Akashic Psychology Reading involves one complete month of structured energy detox and energy renewal through 1-on-1 psychic healing and psychological coaching. 

We RE-calibrate those redundant negative energy patterns with the positive energy patterns of your True Self. Who you are NOW within your core Akashic Psychology.

Investment for your all inclusive Akashic Psychology Reading

$397 USD

What do you receive with your Akashic Psychology Reading?

  • A full Akashic Psychology Psychic Reading of your unique Akashic Record I complete this 1-2 hour process BEFORE our first call.
  • Soul Reading Call -- a 1.5 - 2 hour skype session. I provide you with details of your soul blueprint. This includes (but not limited to) all your soul level gifts, your primary energy center/s, the number of spheres of protection you have, number of spirit guides on your team, your soul's chosen primary life lesson for this lifetime, soul level memory problems, karmic blocks and their soul stories and more.
  • Customized soul level and thought level clearing to shift your negative karmic patterns
  • Two one-hour follow up soul coaching calls -  at week 2 and week 3 after your Soul Reading call *
  • A recording of all your online sessions immediately after our call.
  • Unlimited email for three weeks following your Soul Reading call **
  • Bonus eCourse detailing Karma and Intuition and how to apply it as effectively as possible - further details below. (PS. enjoy these videos while visiting different locations of Rome, my home for 3 years!)


Upon registering for your Akashic Psychology Reading, you will get immediate and lifetime access to the Karma and Intuition eCourse in addition to your one month of psychic and psychological consulting.

This eCourse contains 10 short videos to watch at your leisure. Each video contains detailed information of your Akashic Psychology physics. Most importantly, I discuss how this physics translates into your practical intuition and mastering your gut feelings for every day life.

I invite you to consider your Akashic Psychology detox and transformation.

* Please be advised any confirmed calls that are cancelled within 24 hours will be null and void and not rescheduled. Any sessions you need to reschedule will happily be rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice. Be aware that both of your soul coaching calls after your Soul Reading Call are to be utilized within three weeks of your Soul Reading Call, after which they are no longer available. We will book a mutually convenient time at the end of each call to ensure you receive your full package.

** Unlimited email applies to questions related to the vast information and karmic data provided in your Soul Reading Call and your customized clearing only. Any questions beyond this will be another consultation. I am happy to advise you which consultation would suit your question/s best.