Life Lessons Reading

What blocks and restrictions are holding you back?

What primary Life Lesson and theme did your Soul choose to experience in this lifetime?

What life lesson curriculum is guiding you toward greatest satisfaction in your physical experiences?

Your Soul incarnates into your physical body to fully experience itself in this third dimensional being.

This might be difficult to believe, but life and your experiences within it, wasn't meant to be a struggle. It's actually meant to be a pleasure.

Your Soul chose to experience the spectrum of this lifetime through a primary life lesson.  A theme of sorts that gives you rich insight into the many aspects of your life experiences.

Knowing how your life's primary theme plays out, how it gives you meaningful insights and how it supports to you embody your Higher Self into physical expression is your empowering pathway.

  • What is your Primary Life Lesson?
  • What are your supporting Secondary Life Lessons?
  • In what specific way is each lesson "showing up" in your life?
  • Are they playing out in one or more areas of your life? Which ones?
  • Are there any energy lessons that are now "old news" to your Soul?
  • What new Life Lesson is your soul embarking upon to experience as fully as possible?

Applying your primary life lesson and secondary life lesson curriculum to your personal living, your vitality, your friendships, relationships and your business gives you a lighthouse (several actually!) through which to enjoy each element of your life experience.

Your Investment

$199 USD

Once you order your session, you''ll receive an email requesting particular details I need to access your Akashic Record and uncover your primary Life Lesson and the secondary lessons curriculum.  At that time we will also schedule your one hour online session, which will be within 1-2 weeks.

After we've conducted your session, you'll receive a downloadable MP3 file so you have a record of your information.

Rest assured that all personal and business information will be kept private and confidential.

What Life Lesson did you as a Soul choose to experience in this physical lifetime?