Life Situation Reading

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You’ve got a difficult member on your team, a client isn’t paying their invoice and just when you thought you had a spare hour… an unforeseen problem needs troubleshooting.

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To make matters worse… your partner just won't listen to your concern, your child won’t just settle to sleep for the 5th night in a row, the garage remote short circuited, your allergies have flared and no matter how many hours sleep you get, you don’t feel refreshed.

What’s going on? They seem like unrelated events don’t they? Think again.

Energetically there may be a common link, a common block or restriction that is short circuiting your vibrational frequency. Like a radio station that’s not quite tuned into its specific frequency, there’s a lot of white noise and static. Imagine listening to white noise for a whole hour, let alone walking around with it in your energetic system.

The signals radiating out from your vibration are out of tune, full of static and creating friction in the energy of your relationships and environment.

This isn’t just a chakra imbalance. It’s an energetic block or restriction, from this lifetime or past lifetimes, replaying itself and manifesting in your day to day frustrations, difficulties or unwanted patterns.

For the situations that are working well in your lives, going the way we intend for them and that bring joy in your day to day, great. We don’t need to clear any energetic friction because there is none. Your making choices in alignment with your divine nature (which you discover in your foundation Soul Profile reading)

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So when energetic friction IS present, we need to pay attention. You need to raise your awareness about it so you regain your personal power to create what you intend. With ease. With joy. Otherwise it deviates you from your highest path and purpose.

Energetic friction is a distraction, an energy leak and uses up way more energy that you could direct elsewhere, with better returns.

Tuning up the frequency on your radio dial re-aligns you to your original soul blueprint, your original vibration and soul code that energizes you. Naturally. So you access your divine gifts and highest path and purpose MORE. You access them more easily. How about as directly as when we put our card in the ATM and money comes out?! THAT’S how we want our intentions to vibrate and create exactly what we intend in our lives.

Imagine this.

Imagine dropping one pebble on the smooth surface of a pond. You can see the clean and symmetrical ripple effect across the water’s surface. It’s calming, soothing and sends the message (the vibration) out loud and clear.

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Now imagine dropping in two pebbles at once. You can see the circular ripples of each pebble, but which ripple do you look at? Which do you give your attention to? At some point, they start to hit into each other. That warps the symmetry and smooth passage of the ripples. One ripple has to work a little harder to follow its course, “pushing harder” just to finish it’s ripple effect. It requires more energy. Which means it wastes your energy. That’s the static of your radio station that’s not quite tuned in to its specific frequency.

Now imagine dropping in three pebbles at once. That’s white noise on top of your static. Now one ripple has to ‘fight’ to get through and it’s harder again for it to follow its course. If it actually doesn’t just scatter and dissipate without completing its journey. In your day to day life, that's when you start something and don’t or can’t finish it for some reason. It kind of vaporizes in the ether… only to show up again as something you want to do and off you go starting it again.

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Guess what will happen as the conflicting ripples emanate from your efforts?! Yep, they’ll hit into each other, again... they'll hit that old block in your energetics, a stagnant vibrational frequency that hasn't been cleared. So it keeps on perpetuating choices that don't work for you, while your attempts at making different choices meet with friction and just seems hard. So the ripple effects dissipate, again, without completion of what you started. It gets tiring if not downright demoralizing.

Repeating that kind of pattern is simply unnecessary.That static, the interruption of the ripple and the clashing energy that stops it finishing it’s course, are the problem situations that arise in our day to day life. Blocks and restrictions create that static where you push through to get things done.  Push energy is strained energy. It doesn’t have to be that hard. 

Those life situations that you are bumping up against are the signal that energy ripples in your life are bumping up against a vibrational block that needs clearing.They may seem to be disconnected but if they share the same energy block, the same "pebble" that can’t quite complete it’s ripple effect, then its simply another representation of that restriction in your energy frequency.

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Clearing that one restriction in your energy frequency can help clear up the friction it's aggravating in your child, the garage remote's electronics, the irritation of your sinuses that aggravate your allergies. Let alone clearing more than one energy block.

Seems "out there" I know, but we are all energy. Einstein harnessed that energy so that we could enjoy light! Every choice we make it energy we're creating a multitude of ripples with. Would you like those to shed light on the ripples creating friction, or stay in the dark and let the problem situations keep signalling you? 

Discover from your Life Readings Situation:

  • How are unrelated events in your life are energetically related?
  • What energetic blocks in your vibration are creating your current problems?
  • Are those energetic blocks rooted in a past life or your present life?
  • What choices are perpetuating those blocks and creating symptoms in your life situations?
  • How do you stop those problem life situations from re-emerging?
  • What choices will resolve those energetic blocks and re-harmonize you?

​How does your Life Situation reading work?

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  • Once you order your Life Situations Reading, you will receive an email from our office asking for the details I need to access your Akashic Record 
  • You will be asked to list the problem life situations creating difficulties, stress and fatigue in your life at the moment. You can list as few or as many as you wish. Their specific energetic blocks will then be uncovered and cleared
  • At this time we will immediately schedule your online session for the delivery of your Life Situations reading. This will be within 1-2 weeks of placing your order
  • You will receive detailed information about which Life Situations have the same underlying root cause and the choice/s perpetuating these problem situations to raise your conscious awareness
  • Clearing work in your Akashic Record and for your practice following the delivery of your reading will be discussed

Your Investment

$ 199 USD

After we've conducted your session, you'll receive a downloadable MP3 file so you have a record of your information.

Rest assured that all personal and business information will be kept private and confidential