Property Clearing

Clearing for my home

Does the energy in your home feel ikky, stale, stifling?

Moved into a new home and want to cleanse old energies?

Are you a REALTOR having trouble selling a good home?

Keep misplacing your keys or an item you could've sworn you left elsewhere?

Live in a home with corners, closets or rooms with an uneasy "presence"?

Let's face it, homes are a mixed bag of energy. From people walking in and out through to your own day to day happenings. Not to mention bringing in vibes from the world out there. And of course friends, family and visitors also bring in their own vibes and whatever's happening in their lives.

This is all normal. We're dynamic human beings. We're made of energy so of course energy exchanges are a part of our human experience.

But then.... sometimes there's energy that simply doesn't resonate. That is no longer congruent with who you are or who you want to be.

Sometimes, there IS something more in the air. Such as negative thoughts created about you or your home that have stuck into the energetics.

Your pets or kids may even avoid certain spaces... or become incredibly disruptive in particular parts of the house. Kids and pets are highly energy sensitive.

  • The space feels vaguely uneasy for some unknown reason
  • The energy can feel stuck.. stale... strange... out of sorts
  • We feel under the gun or like's there's a peculiar, maybe threatening energy in some parts of our home
  • You may even feel like a "trespasser" in your own home or like you're not quite welcome

The good news is.....You're not going crazy!

Energy can affect you in many ways. Your home is a prime "target" for energy to become "old" and no longer resonant to who you are.

earthbound spirits, ghosts, poltergeists

You could also be picking up on earthbound spirits or ghosts.

Sometimes it can be grandma, gramps, mom, dad, an old friend...who got stuck and are still lingering....

Either way, these poor souls are stuck on the earth plane. They unfortunately have to draw energy from somewhere. Where do they draw it from? Yep, they draw their energy from your home, your vibes, energy you generate.

Like the glorious Self care energy you work hard for.... and the easiest source of all... your negative emotions that you're trying to heal.

No, they can't take over your body. Leave that stuff for Hollywood!!

No need to fear.

They simply need help transitioning on so they can get back to Source.

No more siphoning of energy from your home or YOU.

clearing ghosts, clearing poltergeists, poltergeists
  • A property clearing can clear those ikky and uneasy energies that you keep walking into, literally, in your own home.

   Your investment

$ 109 USD

How does a Property Clearing work?

After you've booked your Property Clearing, you will receive an email asking for the exact address of the location to be cleared and confirmation that you are in energetic control of this location*.

At that time we will also schedule your online session to explain what showed up and what clearing was done.

Your session will include discussion of any practical, environmental cleansing needed to support the clearing work done

You will receive an mp3 recording of your Property Clearing session

It's as simple as that.

ghosts, poltergeists, haunted house

* What does having "energetic control" mean?

If you have energetic responsibility for the property, you can book your Property Energy Clearing.

  • You own the home you are wanting to have the Property Clearing conducted on
  • You rent and inhabit full time inside of a particular apartment
  • You OWN and utilize the offices you work in 
  • As a realtor, your client provides written permission or books the Property Clearing themselves
  • Please note that your place of work, office location or office building is not in your energetic control, even if you go there daily for work (unless of course you own the whole building)
  • Similarly, your apartment block or building is not in your energetic control to have a clearing done (unless you own the building). Only the space/apartment that you live in full time is under your energetic control.

Please do not book a Property Clearing if you are not in energetic control of the space for which you are requesting a clearing.