Reading for your Child

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As a parent and guardian, your child's well being and opportunity to live as freely as possible, is paramount

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They are full of life, incredibly imaginative, oozing in creativity and showing up with boundless energy that we wonder where they get it from! And can we please have some of that thank you very much!!

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Children are very strongly connected to the divine source and vital force energy whilst young and given the space to explore and enjoy the world around them.

We entertain their creativity, relish in it in fact. We smile wholeheartedly at their imagination and let it take us to far away lands too. We encourage them to be their simple fun loving selves as much as we're able, without major restrictions. Well, beyond the obvious brush your teeth, eat your peas and "yes, it's NOW bed time"... for the 5th time that night!

Seeing your children have sleeping difficulties, anxiety or challenging moods or behaviors can be worrying and exhausting. To say the least.

happy children, sad child, anxious child, anxious children

Children are old souls. They are young little human beings on earth, but their souls can be lifetimes old. Incarnating into this lifetime will also have brought in and re-created unresolved karma from previous lifetimes. Like adults have, only kids can't understand it nor express it as easily at this stage. Unresolved karma can show itself in many ways through your child's thoughts, emotions and behaviours, but some obvious manifestations can include:

  • very difficult, persistent behaviours
  • volatile or erratic moods/emotions
  • sleeping difficulties
  • persistent nightmares or night terrors
  • to name a few...

Finding what energetic soul blocks and restrictions may be limiting their ability to express themselves clearly or appropriately can take a load off your mind.


Most important, it supports your child to develop the confidence to walk tall, strong and easily in their gifts, strengths and skills. The ones they were created with in their divine soul blueprint of origination. Those they are meant to live wholeheartedly and in with abundance in their lifetime.

​No doubt you can see the unique qualities and characteristics of your child already. Sometimes even a mere few days or weeks into their lives

  • Imagine then being able to SEE the world through their eyes now. How they naturally and instinctively were built to interact, create and exchange their best Self with this world.
  • Imagine being able to support them to SHINE wholeheartedly, congruent to their divine gifts, in the way they most joyfully and abundantly get the best out of this world is a true gift. A gift you can enjoy every moment of every day of your lives together.
  • Imagine being able to know, at the root level of their soul, what your child's innate soul level gifts are and being able to work WITH them, rather than against them.

Of course we don't deliberately work 'against' them. You're always looking out for what's best for your child but let's face it, mind reading to know how they interpret and most naturally engage with this world is a big ask when you're trying to make sure they're fed well, clear of that virus going around at school and not falling out of the tree they just climbed up in a flash!

Knowing how your child is built at a soul level is rewarding beyond words

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However also knowing what energetic blocks and restrictions they've brought with them into this life and which are limiting the fullest expression of those gifts is invaluable.

Understanding and clearing those blocks that are distorting into their negative experiences or behaviors can be incredibly empowering. For them as an old soul in a young child's body and for you as their parent supporting them each day.

Blocks and restrictions for where your child is at can be reviewed and empowering steps to change and resolve those blocks discussed with you. A happier child who is understood and nurtured for who they are at their soul, core level, without difficult snags and pot holes distracting them, is priceless.

How does an Akashic Reading session for your child work?

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  • Prior to your online session to receive the Akashic Record reading, I access your child's Akashic Record data. Upon registering for your child's reading, you will receive an email asking for the information I need in order to do this.
  • Our Akashic Record contains all your soul data on an energetic level, right back to the soul's origination. This data can be read through different 'browser tabs' (so to speak) and collated like a filing system of various "URL links and pages".
  • Then energetic information about particular your child's soul level gifts is obtained. This informs us of the strongest, most abundant way their Soul likes to experience itself while incarnated.
  • This information is then collated and grounded into actionable, pragmatic information to highlight the choices that most resonate with how your child creates best in their life. This helps restore their original soul blueprint of origination.
  • All this collated information is then delivered to you in your one time, private online conference call. You know your child best. If you would like them to sit beside you during the delivery of their reading, you are welcome to do this. If you prefer to receive the reading on your child's behalf first, perhaps with the child's other parent beside you, that is also possible.
  • You receive an mp3 audio file of the reading which you can use to prepare for a conversation with your child. Perhaps bounce off the audio prompts to open discussion, check in on how they're feeling about what's been read and how they are experiencing the blocks and restrictions that came up. From their perspective.

Invest in understanding your Child's soul level strengths, outlook and old-soul karma blocks with their very own Akashic Record reading.

Your investment

$ 199 USD

Once you order your child's session, you''ll receive an email from our office asking you for certain information I need to do their soul level reading. At that time we will also schedule your one hour online session, which will be within 1-2 weeks from the time of your order.

After we've conducted your session, you'll receive a downloadable MP3 file so you have a record of your information.

Rest assured that all personal information will be kept strictly private and confidential.