Relationship Reading

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What role is your spouse or partner playing in your life? Where are you compatible, or not?!

Why did your child choose to be in a parent/child relationship with you?

What's so special about the relationship with your closest friend or sibling?

Relationships are inescapable. Unless you live as a hermit in the heights of the mountains or a newly submergible oxygen connected tank at the bottom of the ocean, relationships are here to stay and part and parcel of your human experience.

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Relationships give you so much information about yourself. Not to mention the tonne of information about other people you let into your personal space. People you choose to love and care for. People you want to love and care for you.

Relationships stretch your thinking and experiences to dimensions you didn’t know existed. Not to mention swimming into the depths of many emotions that are amazing and astounding.

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Whether it's the relationship you share with your spouse, partner, your child, your parent, your business partner, friends or siblings, there’s no better place than in those inter-relations for your soul to experience itself as fully as possible.

You can experience immense joy...  satisfaction ... frustration and pain. Sometimes all in one day!

Your relationship with yourself is THE most intimate of spaces. That forms the basis for the quality of relationships you attract as one soul entering into relationship with another soul to live into our human experience.

Knowing who you are at soul level empowers you to know how you love BEST, let your loved ones know how you want to be treated and WHY. Knowing yourself at soul level encourages you to create the most satisfying and harmonious relationships for yourself.

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What can you discover in your relationship reading?

  • How does your partner/spouse best express love?
  • What is a normal argument in a loving relationship?
  • Which ones bring you closer and which ones tear you apart?
  • What has shown up for you in this relationship and what is it helping you resolve?
  • Even through the hurt and pain.What has this relationship contributed to your life?
  • What is this relationship helping you experience?
  • What is it helping you resolve in patterns or experiences that are no longer serving you?
  • How can you use this information to create the relationships you do want?
  • What block or restriction can we clear because it’s made itself known thanks to this relationship?
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The more we allow ourselves to experience ourselves as a part of our relationship - whether it be your current intimate relationship, within a business partnership, with your brother or sister, your parents, your children, your closest friend - the more we discover elements of what we want in our lives and importantly, what we don’t want in our lives.

Knowing with clarity what we don’t want it invaluable. It helps us get better at defining what we do want.

A relationship reading will hone in the core energetic patterns and lessons that can have you experience your relationships in much more satisfying and rewarding, mutually rewarding, ways.

​Acknowledging any blocks and restrictions between two souls in your human relationships is a revitalizing and liberating gift to give the both of you. They play a role in your personal development. Relationships help you differentiate who you are and how you want to relate to others.

There’s a reason we incarnate in this life together.

How does a relationship reading work?

  • Once you order your relationship reading, you will receive an email requesting your intention for the relationship reading in addition to specific information I need to access one or both Akashic records
  • If the relationship reading is for you and your spouse/partner, or two adults (for example, you and your sibling, close friend, parent or business partner), both will need to respond, separately or cc’d together in the one email, with the above requested details
  • If your relationship reading is for you as a parent and your child who is under 18 years of age, only the parent who has ordered the information will need to reply with the information
  • At this time, we will also schedule your online call for the delivery of your relationship reading. Please note only one delivery time will be scheduled. It is powerful when both people are present on the call at the same time
  • Detailed information about the soul profile of each person will be provided along with blocks and restrictions related to your relationship together that require clearing
  • We will discuss choices and actions that can support the clearing of the blocks and restrictions that we’ve been blessed to see emerge in your reading, thanks to the sharing of this relationship in your lives.

​Your Investment

$199 USD

​After your reading, you will receive an mp3 audio recording of your session

Rest assured that all personal and professional information remains private and confidential