Spirit Guide Team Coaching

Spirit guide team reading

You are a striving, ambitious person.

Your goals and action plans are always on your mind.

Why not get the competitive edge with specific guidance from YOUR Inner Circle of Guides?

Why waste effort on actions that bring less return compared to more efficient actions?

Prioritize your actions on the 80/20 principle. Receive guidance on the 20% of actions that bring 80% of the return, implementing more effective actions to deliver your product and service, while also building your business assets.

Guidance from your Spirit Guide Team can replace wasting time, excess effort and dragging energy with the powerful inner freedom that comes with a clear sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you work toward creating consistent income for your efforts.

Put energy into actions most aligned to your highest path and purpose.

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Your Inner Circle of Spirit Guides can provide you guidance to discern the best possible actions toward your intentions. Guidance that can only be provided to you FOR YOU, because it's from your own personal team of Guides dedicated to ensure your Soul experiences itself fully in this lifetime.

As a psychic and intuitive healer, channeling information from the spiritual realms is a natural process for me. Having done 23 years of my own spiritual study, spiritual practice and refining my communication with my own Spirit Guide Team, it's my pleasure and privilege to be a channel for YOUR Spirit Guide Team.

How does your Spirit Guide Team Coaching work?

Spirit Guide Team Coaching is only available to those who have had their Spirit Guide Team Reading done - details here. After all, you need to know who's on your team for the messages and guidance to make sense.

* Your intention is important for your Guides to give you focused guidance, otherwise we'd simply be getting information that isn't actionable and relevant for where you're at in your life and importantly, for where you want to go. Like any GPS system, you start with where you're at right now and head toward where your intention is focusing you. Your spirit guide team coaching guides you in the how best.

** Please know that these channeling sessions assume your willingness and readiness to make choices and actions in alignment with the guidance your Spirit Guides delivered in your previous weeks session. This then opens the way for additional guidance to come through to build on what you've helped progresse in your third dimension. That is, in your own physical life.

These actions don't have to be huge or mind blowing! The power of very simple, apparently "small" action steps can be difficult to grasp, INITIALLY! Simple, earnest action steps will open up a sense of freedom and liberation. And just as exciting, additional guidance can then come your way to springboard further!

What's the next step to starting your Spirit Guide Team Coaching?  

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  • Having had your Spirit Guide Team Reading done - details here - you will have already provided details required to allow access to your Akashic Record and learnt who's on your Guide team and their message for you. 
  • Once you book into your Spirit Guide Team 8-week Coaching program, you will receive a confirmation email prompting you to send through your intention for this 8-week program. Your first consult will further refine this intention to your satisfaction.
  • Once your intention is received, we will schedule and confirm the time of your first 60-minute session* and commence with the coaching** outlined in the table above. We open up to your Inner Circle of Guides so I can obtain and deliver their messages from the spiritual realms, relevant only to you.
  • At the end of each consult, we will confirm the time of your next Coaching session.*

Your Investment

$ 499 USD

After we've conducted each consult, you will receive a downloadable MP3 file so you have a record of your information.

Rest assured that all personal and business information will be kept private and confidential.

* Please be advised any confirmed calls that are cancelled within 24 hours will be null and void and not rescheduled. Any sessions you need to reschedule will happily be rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice. Be aware that all of your Spirit Guide Coaching calls are to be utilized within eight weeks of purchasing your Spirit Guide Team Coaching program, after which they are no longer available. We will book a mutually convenient time at the end of each call to ensure you receive your full package.

** Unlimited email applies to questions related to your Reading and channelled information provided in your Spirit Guide Team Coaching sessions. Any questions beyond this will be another consultation. I am happy to advise you which consultation would suit your question/s best.