Spirit Guide Team Reading

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When you make a wish do you imagine speaking to someone "out there"?

When you look up, or to the side, deep in thought, have you wondered who you're actually connecting to in those moments?!

When you're imagining or visualizing your goals, your intentions, where do you think that energy goes?

You are born with your own team of Spirit Guides from the spiritual realms. They are your Inner Circle of Spirit Guides and they are dedicated to only YOU, to your Soul's journey and your Soul's fullest experience of itself in this incarnation. In this lifetime. How's that for a staff team at the ready!

What are Spirit Guides?​

​​Your Spirit Guide Team have been assigned to you because of the gifts, strengths and perspectives they have accumulated over their lifetimes. Your Higher Self selects this Spirit Guide Team to complement YOUR life's highest path and purpose. They have advanced physical and spiritual experience to be your 100% personalized guide. They are your personal team in the higher realms with a very clear overview of your soul purpose, which they attempt to channel through to you. In effect, being your very own loyal staff, reliable contractors and operational support.

You have anywhere from 2 to may be 6 or 7, depending on how self determined you are in your choices and actions. Sometimes you sense them near, you get a visual in your mind "out of nowhere", a message in your ear "that just popped in" or a sensation that you need to go in a certain direction or do a certain action.

We also have a team of 7 Outer Circle Guides who support specific functions in our lives, such as our guardian angel, our gatekeeper guide facilitating access to our memory files, and our karmic technician to facilitate resolving our negative karma.

Our Spirit Guides do their best to communicate to us.

But above all, they listen to our intentions and take them seriously.

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The question is, are you giving mixed messages?

What intentions are you putting out there?

Do you say you want more money in your life, but your subconscious intentions at the same time fear what people might think, or that you might lose friends, or having all that money will come at a cost because "you don't get anything for nothing".

Do you say you want a supportive staff member, or team of staff, but you find it difficult to trust them with elements of your business or struggle to get them to do things as you want them done for your business?​ 

As a psychologist, I've supported many people to raise their conscious awareness of these subconscious and unconscious intentions. Especially the mixed messages, the inadvertent conflicting intentions, we give our guides who get to work on them.

Our Spirit Guide Team guide us toward achieving what it is we say we want.

Our Guides simply get to work on our intentions, our wants. Without questions because they are also governed by free will. Our choice is our choice and we are supported in that, whether it's right or not so right for us! Our Guides will never override the intentions we put out there of our own free will. Instead supporting us toward achieving what it is we say we want. Free will cannot be conditional.

Spirit guide team reading

​When your intentions and actions align, you're prosperous, you're in abundance and joy. Your Guides are clear on what resources they need to gather for you based on the intention you've put forward. Can you then recognize when they are trying to signal that your resources are ready and waiting?!

​They bring into your space the many and varied resources, experiences, tools and people that meet your intentions and help you manifest your desires, personally and for your business. You are a very important part of the team, as the one who can physically DO what's needed in this physical dimension.

​So it's up to you to have the conversation with that "perfect person that appeared with what you need", register into the program that solves that problem you silently needed help with, write that proposal or quote after that light bulb moment "out of nowhere" gave you the pitch angle.

​Your spirit guides can't DO that stuff in the physical world, but they CAN inspire YOU to take the action needed in alignment with what you want, manifest it and move your business forward.  Would you recognize their guidance and prompts?

Knowing more about your Spirit Guide Team and how they communicate with puts you in more conscious control as the leader of your business.

Would you like to know who your Spirit Guide Team is?

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Your Spirit Guide Team Reading provides:

  • A description of each of your Spirit Guides in your Inner Circle
  • What are their energetic characteristics and strengths they guide you with?
  • Do they come with more masculine or feminine energy?
  • What specific messages do they have for you?
  • How do they get you attention and let you know they are trying to communicate with you? All in the middle of your busy day dealing with stimulation overload? Do you have a certain eye twitch, hair on the back of your neck rises, you get a funny feeling in your legs or somewhere on your body?!
  • What are the qualities of your 7 Outer Circle Guides? How do their gifts support you and your soul fully experiencing itself in this lifetime?

No matter what, you have your Inner Circle of Guides that are 100% there for YOU. Finding out who is on your team sets you on the path of self empowerment, self determination and personal confidence. 

How your Spirit Guide Team Reading works

Prior to your online session, I access your Akashic Record data. Your Akashic Record contains all your soul data on an energetic level, right back to the soul's origination. This data can be read through different 'browser tabs' (so to speak) and collated like a filing system of various "URL links and pages".

Through the Soul Realignment (R) method, information about particular energetic qualities and data about YOUR Spirit Guide Team is obtained. Both your Inner Circle and Outer Circle.

This information is grounded into pragmatic information, not vague statements that can apply to anyone. All your collated information is then delivered to you in your one time, private online conference call.

Your Investment

$ 249 USD

​Once you order your session, you''ll receive an email from our office asking you for certain information I need to do your soul level reading. At that time we will also schedule your one hour online session, which will be within 1-2 weeks from the time of your order.

After we've conducted your session, you'll receive a downloadable MP3 file so you have a record of your information.

Rest assured that all personal and business information will be kept strictly private and confidential.


Do you want COACHING by your Spirit Guide Team?

Spirit guide team reading

As a psychic and intuitive healer, channeling information from the spiritual realms is a natural process.

Having done 23 years of my own spiritual study, spiritual practice and refining my communication with my own Spirit Guide Team, it's my pleasure and privilege to be a channel for YOUR Spirit Guide Team.

For further information click here -  Spirit Guide Team Coaching 8-week program