Spirit Guide Team Reading

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When you make a wish do you imagine speaking to someone "out there"?

When you look up, or to the side, deep in thought, have you wondered who you're actually connecting to in those moments?!

When you're imagining or visualizing your goals, your intentions, where do you think that energy goes?

You are born with your own team of Spirit Guides from the spiritual realms. They are your Inner Circle of Spirit Guides and they are dedicated to only YOU, to your Soul's journey and your Soul's fullest experience of itself in this incarnation. In this lifetime. How's that for a team at the ready!

What are Spirit Guides?

Your Spirit Guide Team have been assigned to you because of the strengths and perspectives they have accumulated over lifetimes. Your Higher Self selects this Spirit Guide Team to complement YOUR life's highest path and purpose.

They are your personal team in the higher realms with a very clear overview of your soul purpose.

You have anywhere from 2 to 6, depending on how self determined you are in your choices and actions. 

Spirit guide team reading

Our Spirit Guides do their best to communicate to you.

They listen to your intentions and WANT to support your progress. 

When you ASK for guidance of course, they won't impose on your free will.

Our Spirit Guide Team guide us toward achieving what it is we say we want.

Your Guides are clear on what resources they need to gather for you based on the intention you've put forward. Can you then recognize when they are trying to signal that your resources are ready and waiting?!

You are a very important part of the team, as the one who can physically DO what's needed in this physical dimension.

Would you recognize their guidance and prompts?

Knowing more about your Spirit Guide Team and how they communicate with you puts you in more conscious control as the leader in your life.

What blocks and restrictions are holding you back?

What do you get from your Spirit Guide Team Reading?

A description of each of your Spirit Guides in your Inner Circle

What are your Guides energetic characteristics and strengths that they guide you with?

What primary focus area are they here to support you through?

What specific messages do they have for you?

How do they get your attention when they're trying to communicate with you?

Your investment

$249 USD

Once you order your session, you''ll receive an email asking you for certain information I need to do your soul level reading. At that time we will also schedule your 1 -1.5 hour online session within 1-2 weeks from the time of your order.

After we've conducted your session, you'll receive a downloadable MP3 file so you have a record of your information.

Rest assured that all personal & business information is kept private and confidential.


Do you want COACHING by your Spirit Guide Team?

Spirit guide team reading

As a psychic and intuitive healer, channeling information from the spiritual realms is a natural process.

Having done 23 years of my own spiritual study, spiritual practice and refining my communication with my own Spirit Guide Team, it's my pleasure and privilege to be a channel for YOUR Spirit Guide Team.

For further information click here -  Spirit Guide Team Coaching 8-week program