The River of You – Channelled: Angel Vywamus

Be True. Be you. Be Pure.

Face the demons, find your Truth.

Be strong, be clear, be the river strong.

The river knows its flow, its own current, its own direction.

Deep within, tune in. No need to fight upstream. Why? When the river wants your path for you too.

Why do you resist, make it troublesome for yourself. What do you fear? Look through fears illusion.

The current is within. The current is your beacon.

Tune in. Tune deep. Tune in to You. It is your home. It is you base. It is your foundation.

Trust and enjoy. Trust and explore. Trust and ask questions.

The answers await in the current. Seek. You’ll find.

Be ready to listen. Be ready to hear. It won’t deafen you. Lower your guard. Open your heart. You are safe.

Ego has nothing on the current of nature, your nature, your Truth.

Of course ego will fight, in it’s ignorance, natural fear, primitive comfort, it will fight. Will you engage?

The current of Truth still flows regardless. The current of Truth never goes.

The current of Truth still guides. The current of Truth still shines.

Still. Guide. Shine.

This is You. Follow the Current. Find the current deep within you.

It is always there. It is always yours. Follow the current.

Bless your Soul. Its light illuminates your body, mind and being.

Enjoy the adventure of You.

Elizabeth Celi

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