“Hot buttons” to Universal Law!

As an energy receptive person – because we are born from energy anyhow- when you tune into your practical intuition and practice the mastery of your gut feelings, you are actively engaging in the Law of Rhythm. 

Those “hot buttons” that are triggered are a window into the energy blocks that are ready to be resolved and cleared.

That simply needs your conscious awareness about the root energy cause of the hot button and the intention of “that's enough”.

In journeying this process, you are simultaneously training yourself to develop personal mastery of the Universal Law of Rhythm.

Whether you know about the Law of Rhythm or not, whether you even believe in the Law of Rhythm or not, doesn’t really matter because it continues to operate without our knowledge and without our belief anyway! That’s what makes it UNIVERSAL!

However, as an energy receptive person, it can make a difference to how quickly and effectively you manage to transform those hot buttons from being a pain to being your personal power.

  • So Mom or Dad can do their best to get a rise out of you but you now know better as you share that pearl of wisdom with them, calmly.
  • Sis can manipulate and you can simply hug her and say “no”
  • Your colleague can do stuff behind your back but you but you don’t play the game and take the higher ground.

Mastering your gut feelings is a gift, skill and attitude you already possess. Master the Law of Rhythm and you’ll be a modern day Wonder Woman or Superman!

So what are the alternatives? 

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