Your VIDEO Vision Board

A powerful tool to help your subconscious attract what you want in your life

Ever seen a VIDEO Vision Board?

What about putting those selfies and social mini-videos, already full of your personal meaning, to prosperous use?

Considered having a professional video of your goals and aspirations but don't know how to do it?

Bring your wishes, dreams and goals to life with a 1 to 1.5 minute video you can enjoy everyday. Anytime, anywhere, whenever you need a boost, right on your mobile.

The cork board, white board, poster know the feeling of finding your pictures, images, words, dreams & desires with all of your heart. Then to arrange those images in a way that brings it alive in visual form on that board.

Getting the pictures collated on that cork board so every time you walk past it, your psyche is reminded. Your psyche is attuned and you create your magic in material form.

vision board

My vision board for (done Jan 2014) attracted the incredible apartment I lived in in Rome for three years (from April 2014). In the location I wanted at exactly the budget I'd set. The ironic thing, I realised two months into living in my apartment, I even manifested the actual staircase from the picture on my vision board!!

The replica staircase led to our loft bedroom! I shook my head in amazement when I noticed, while I gratefully connected with Divine knowing. Knowing the power of my vision board for my subconscious, which in service, had beautifully created what I wanted.

That's what a static vision board was able to do. Now I provide more potent pictures in motion and uplifting sounds to work with my subconscious in a way that it prefers even more. You'll see it in a moment!

Wouldn't it be great to include sound and motion to bring you vision board ALIVE?

We know the power of movement, music, chanting and singing, whether it be in meditation, listening to your favourite music or out dancing and having fun!

What if all your selfies, digital photos and mini videos - the ones you've taken for instagram, facebook, twitter, for your family, for everyone else to enjoy with you - can be professionally edited into your own personal VIDEO vision board?

No problem about finding the time and space to get your vision board started and FINISHED either, just send them along and we'll professionally edit them to bring your heartfelt visions and goals to life in your personalized motion picture video.

Just below is an example of my personal wealth creation video vision board.

A video "lighthouse" already bringing my wealth intentions and inner vision, spiritually materially and financially, to life. I'm now having to remember to RECEIVE the abundance it's helping me attract!

As a professional film director currently producing my documentary on the biology of our spiritual and bioenergy connection with planet earth, I simultaneously apply my professional video production skills to creating travelogues, dynamic vlogs and personal vision videos.

It is pure joy for me to put images, sounds, messages and inspirations together in a motion picture that awakens your confidence, tenacity and invincibility each time you watch it!!

Doubts be gone each time you feed your subconscious what it is you want in a way that smartly overrides what your ego fears try to undermine within your subconscious everyday. My psychologist and psychic healer works WITH your subconscious processes to create practical magic. Simple, grounded, powerful.

The video vision board and video travelogues are my personal weapon uplifting me daily. How can they be your personal weapon?

I want you to share in the power and potency that your subconscious responds to. Video brings all your senses to your vision board because the pictures in motion are meaningful FOR YOU.

This video example is a meaningful reminder of the the beautiful relationships I cultivated during my three years in Rome.

This video, beyond being a heartfelt thank you gift to friends I have temporarily said goodbye to, it serves to remind me of the immense shifts Rome transmuted in me and my renewed Self I have tenaciously stepped into.

You've already DONE the ground work with your selfies, photos and videos!!

The selfies, photos and mini-vids you've casually created with all your heart and soul.

Those moments of pure joy, sharing and caring with your friends and family.

The hard part of collating your pictures and videos is DONE!

Now we can easily collaborate on professionally editing them into a story, your story, your personal motion picture that uplifts you everyday. That brings your hero and heroine to the fore EACH time you watch it. Wherever you are!

Video Vision Boards have also been produced for conference groups and meeting groups to strengthen their collective energy.​

Here's a fun video vision board done for the women of the Federation of America Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO).

A video bringing together their fun & friendship together while meeting in Germany. Serving as a potent motion picture reminder of their time together, their mission together and their collective efforts to contribute to charities and education worldwide.

AND an important vision of the future of their strategic goals. The goals that they updated and launched at this very meeting, leading them into their next opportunity to reunite at their upcoming 2017 conference.

Will you let your awesome photos and videos linger in a folder as individual pieces of your life to look back on when you might remember.....?

Or will you put them to powerful use easily edited into an exciting, inspiring and motivating video vision board?

Watch your video vision board when you want, where you want and as frequently as you want?!

Whether your Video Vision Board is about attracting more prosperous wealth creation like the video example below, or about deepening your intimate relationship, improving your personal health, stepping up into your lion and lioness, you name it, it is a powerful tool to work WITH your subconscious and regain mastery over subconscious blocks and sabotage habits.

This personal Video Vision Board that I smile with everyday, several times a day, is potently attracting wealth in my life in so many ways.

I want to share the joy of that prosperity with you. I want you to enjoy the same deep smile, inspiration and boost to seize your day, every day, after watching your Video Vision Board come to life in movie style.

Bring your vision board alive and active for your subconscious to experience the movie of your dreams and aspirations.

Bring your dreams to life and attract them more powerfully INTO your life.

Your subconscious will thank you for the clearer, potent and powerful message you give it.

Booking your video vision board will get you:

  • Your 1 hour online consult to discuss the essence, theme and goal that you want your video to inspire you with.
  • A total of two rounds of edits once we deliver the first draft of your video. Additional charge for any subsequent edits.
  • The final edit of your 1 to 1.5 minute professional video of your video vision board using your photos and videos**
  • We'll arrange the transfer of your photos and videos for the production and editing of your video vision board during our call. (Please note, no additional photos/videos will be accepted after original footage is received as it will delay the completion of your video.)
  • Allow 2 weeks for production of your first video draft. Your two rounds of edits are to be completed within three weeks from the time you are sent your first video draft. (Additional charges apply ($100/week) from week four of sending you your first video draft.)
  • Enjoy it wholeheartedly and be inspired everyday, in full surround sound and motion pictures!! 

Your investment:

$99 USD

Once you register for your Vision Video Board, you will receive an email directly from me to book our online consult and get busy getting personal with your video's message!

I'm so excited to bring your visions, dreams and goals to life in motion pictures and inspiring sound.​

** One audio file within a pre-determined list of audio/sound files will be selected for your video. Additional charges apply for videos requesting the use of music you have purchased a license for. Please inquire if this is your preference.