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Ep. 9: Feminine Energy OVERLY contained is unhealthy.

Let's enter The Intuition Age together

Ep. 10: Intuitive Intelligence - You have the power if you know how to use it!

​Ep 7: Neuroscience and Meditation

Ep 8: Meditation - Cycles of Life

Ep 5.1: The Blame Game - Egos tactic to muzzling our Intuition

Ep 6: Divine Feminine/Masculine AND Mother Nature's earthquake tremors!

Ep 4: Align your personal & business processes with your Soul Purpose

Ep 5: Ego makes a guest appearance! How do Intuition & ego battle it out?!

Ep 1: Food, mood & Intuitive eating.                Interviewing Naturopath           Katherine Maslen

Ep 3: Darth Vader breathing cools us down! . Interviewing Chinese Medicine practitioner, Dr. Michael Wong

2-minute meditation - The dance of the candle flame