What clients experienced

The thing I loved about Elizabeth's reading was the reassurance it gave me to stay the course and be consistent. I know everything she said was on point and ultimately gave me that big SIGH, a breath of fresh air and feel really peaceful. "It's ok, everything's going to be ok". Elizabeth's mannerisms, how she comes across, what she says and how she says it is all on point.

Julie-Anne Black 
Speaker, Author, Producer
Rich Moore Jr. Ski lift operator 

Elizabeth opened me wide up in a single card reading. I set my intentions in the form of a clear question that I had been contemplating and seeking guidance on. I received a gentle but deep bolt of acknowledgement and inspiration. The reading answered my question and elicited deeper desires to understand my own path. Dr. Celi has an amazing depth of experience and claircognizance. I recommend Elizabeth for her compassion and grounded sharing of her bountiful energy